Having mold in your bathroom is playing with fire. For starters, that stuff can mess with your health. Breathing in mold spores? Hello, respiratory issues, allergic reactions, and for some folks, serious lung irritation. 

Then there’s the destruction factor – mold eats away at walls and cabinetry like it’s got a personal vendetta against your home’s value. And let’s be honest, it completely bombs the aesthetics of your bathroom too. 

Furthermore, trying to sell a house with a mold issue is like trying to trade a sandwich that’s been sitting out for days! So yeah, keep that bathroom mold-free, or prepare to face the consequences.

With a new bathroom, you can ensure that you stay on top of a mold problem developing from day one. So, here are some amazing tips to help you keep your bathroom mold-free.  Bathroom Completely Mold-Free

Use a Shower Curtain Liner That Resists Mold and Mildew

If you plan on having a shower curtain in your new bathroom, you need to be aware that it can act like a mold magnet if you’re not careful. However, you can avoid the issue by finding a shower curtain liner that is specifically designed to scoff at mold and mildew. 

Shower curtain liners that resist mold and mildew are made of materials that don’t let the funk cling onto them, so they help big time in keeping your bathroom looking fresh and clean. 

As long as you clean your mold-resistant shower curtain regularly, you’ll have yourself a strong front-line defender in the battle against bathroom mold.

Wipe Down Surfaces Post-Shower or Bath

Give your shower walls and tub a quick wipe-down post-rinse-off. Grabbing a squeegee or even a towel and giving those surfaces a good once-over makes all the difference. Why? Water that hangs out on tiles and glass creates the perfect rave for mold spores to party down.

Stay Vigilant with Ventilation

Check this out: the ultimate secret weapon against mold is as simple as airflow! We’re talking about ventilation, folks. Keep that air moving! A solid bathroom fan sucks the moisture right out of the room like a mini tornado. 

Furthermore, crack open a window if you’ve got one to let that fresh air kiss your bathroom every now and then. In particular, do this after hot showers when the steam is all ready to cozy up in nooks and crannies. Good old circulation can keep things in your bathroom dry and mold at bay.

Make the Most of Grout

Listen up, here’s the lowdown on grout – it can be your bathroom’s bestie or its worst enemy. To keep your tile game strong and mold out, seal that grout like there’s no tomorrow. Slap on a penetrating sealer, and do it yearly—think of it as an annual birthday gift to your bathroom. 

It creates a barrier harder for mold to crash through than the bouncer at an exclusive club. Taking this extra step can save you from scrubbing woes and sneaky spore invasions down the line.

Use Sprays with Mold-Inhibiting Solutions Daily 

A daily spray can be mold’s worst nightmare. So, use a store-bought mold inhibitor spray daily to give those shower walls and curtains a swift and effective clean. 

It’s like creating an invisible shield that tells mold spores to back off! Plus, it’s super quick. So, make it part of your routine. A preventive swish and flick will help to keep the mold at bay.

Avoid Leaving Damp Items Around

Leaving damp towels and washcloths on the floor or draped over the side of the tub is basically mold’s VIP lounge. Mold loves moisture like a cat loves catnip. So, what you’ve got to do is hang those suckers up to dry right away, or better yet, throw them straight into the laundry hamper. 

If they’re hanging out drying, they need airflow, not to be all bunched up in a dank corner. And for the love of cleanliness, don’t forget about those bath mats – hang them over the tub or toss them into the wash regularly. 

Keeping things dry isn’t just good housekeeping – it’s like setting up a no-fun zone for mold spores. Remember, every damp item left unattended is an open invitation for mold to move in and get comfortable. So, always avoid leaving damp items around – your bathroom will thank you! 

What to Do if Your Bathroom Does Get Mold

By following the above tips, you should definitely be able to keep mold at bay. However, if mold does creep into your bathroom – perhaps because your bathroom is located in a basement apartment with soil next to the exterior – don’t freak out. 

Suit up with gloves and a mask first because it’s about to get down and dirty.

For non-porous surfaces, store-bought sprays or even white vinegar or a blend of bleach and water can work wonders – they kill mold on contact. Give the affected spots a good spray, wait for it to work its magic, then scrub away with a brush, rinse thoroughly, and dry completely.

But if the mold is in porous materials like grout or sealants, you might need to replace those parts because cleaning just won’t cut it.When mold goes deep, getting professional help will be a smart move.

We hope you found this blog post on How to Keep Your New Bathroom Completely Mold-Free useful. Be sure to check out our post on Renovation of a Master Bathroom for more great tips!

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