It is imperative that the roof type and design you choose should be compatible visually with the theme of the rest of the house, particularly the exterior. This ensures a synergistic effect on the design and your roof does not seem detached in terms of appearance from the rest of the house. Here is how you can make sure you are choosing the right roof color and style for your home’s exterior design concept. 

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Color Is A Great Indicator

If you are at a loss where to start, color is usually a good indicator. Unless you are deliberately trying for a contrast, you will need to keep the roof roughly in the same color family as the exterior of the house. The color depicts many aspects from the style to the aesthetic and therefore should never be discounted. Check the roofing materials and the siding materials to see if they can be color coordinated with the exterior. A deliberate contrast can be breathtaking gorgeous but usually the contrast is also chosen in accordance with an overarching theme. 

Try Before You Commit 

With a lot of roofing materials from composite shingles to wood, ceramic or metal, color choices are fairly numerous. Since the roof is such a large area, you would absolutely not want to get the color wrong. Get some samples from your store or supplier to see how they look with the exterior before you commit to one color. A professional tip is to look at the samples in broad daylight, preferably on the roof itself and compare them with each other to see which one looks better. Many homeowners match the color of the roof to other exterior elements such as the shutter or windowpanes or the fence. 

Natural Materials Age

Natural materials age and change color as the years go by and this is a consideration you should bear in mind when you choose a color. Clay, slate or wood may fade or get lighter with wear and tear and expensive specialty materials like copper roofing definitely develop a patina and change color. Even roofing materials like ceramic or terracotta may appear red but might in reality be more brown or orange due to undertones playing up. With organic, natural materials, it is never necessary to match up colors exactly as their graining and color variation is part of what makes them beautiful. 

Match The Style 

Each style of home has their own kind of color palette and roofing type that matches well. Mediterranean inspired homes for example will make use heavily of ceramic and terracotta and even shale and similar materials. Homes in heavily forested areas may use tin or wooden shingles as any homestead fl commercial roofer will tell you. European homes are about slate and wood along with metal and new age thatched roofs and green roofs. The architectural tilt of the house is a great indicator about the type of roofing material that will look best. Fusion styles in housing do exist so consult a designer about how to make your roof look beautiful while still emphasizing its surroundings. 

Do Not Discount The Weather 

Just like the style of the house will depend greatly on the climate of the region, your choice of roofing materials is no different. Use the weather as a factor of the kind of roofing material that will last the best and perform well. In sunnier areas you can have rustic, homestead exteriors with which wooden shingles match well and in rainier areas with snow or weather extremes, you may fare better with metal roofing sheets or shingles or rubber and even ceramic. Resilience to temperature is important in very hot, humid areas for insulation purposes and if your area has other risk factors like fire hazards, you may want to look at materials like galvanized steel to prevent disasters from happening. 

Modern & Sustainable 

Modern houses need their roofs to be modern too and a huge aspect of that is incorporating sustainability. Solar paneling, rainwater harvesting or using specialized materials and colors that will prevent your home from heating up are all important for protecting the environment and reducing those energy bills and energy consumption. Many people design their home’s exterior and interior to be low maintenance and hassle-free as they may suffer from illnesses that limit mobility or may have busy schedules. Similarly, one’s roof and subsequently the choice of roofing material can also be low and high maintenance so adequate research before choosing one is essential. 


Matching your roof to your home’s exterior is about color, style, type, durability and even lifestyle among other factors. Work with a professional designer to envision the right kind of beautiful roof for your home and your older self will thank you years down the line when you get compliments from every onlooker and guest who visits.

We hope you found this blog post on How To Match Your Roof With Your Home’s Exterior Design useful. Be sure to check out our post on Neighborhood Harmony: Home Exterior Ideas To Blend for more great tips!

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