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Looking to add some glam to your house? 2020 is seeing a unique, lovely selection of building design themes: color pallets, fabrics, paints, and so much more. Making your house look beautiful will be so much fun this year. If you find something from a previous year, do not worry, as the trend is likely so dazzling, it would make no sense to leave it behind.

Here are some building design trends to look out for this year, and how to make them a reality for your home:

Blues Are This Year’s Main Affair


You may not have seen that coming, but yes, blue is the in thing in interior décor this year. The hue to look for is classic blue, a minimalist, elegant shade that will add a clean rather than freezing cold look to your house. What’s more, you can easily incorporate this color in your home using paint, furniture, prints, and so much more.

Earth and Natural Colors

Another set of interior colors to pull off this year is the earth color pallet. Here, you want earthy browns, beige, creams, stone, eucalyptus green, and other colors that will make you incorporate nature at home. You can incorporate these hues in your home using sisal, hem, jute, unbleached, undyed wool, and natural stone. If you want a home that feels warm and cozy, this is the pallet to go for this year.

Matte, Blush Pinks

cozy bedroom

To know what to look for here, think makeup. More women are gravitating towards nude, matte pinks, soft maroons, and blush colors for lipstick, which applies to your home. To truly master the wonder of pink, avoid anything that reminds you of Barbie, and instead choose matte finishes so that your home does not look like a 6-year old girl’s room.

Texture is Everything

In addition to interior design trends, how things feel is also a great way to make a difference in your home. A look that will transform your home this year is to layer different textures in the same color or similar colors. If you prefer more neutral pallets, you can use this unique trend to add some glam to various rooms in your house. In your living room, use cushions and woven blankets, and in other rooms, you can use dried flowers and curated knickknacks.

Curves and Arches

Building design today is seeing the return of curves, arches, and softer turns to replace the harsher, sharp turns. These are building design tools that seem to add a feminine touch to a home.

A Garden Shed

One great building design outside the trend to use when you have extra space is to create a lovely shed in it. This shed can be an office, a guest bedroom, a reading space, space for gym accessories, or anything you feel works best. You can use any style or trend exterior house colors you want and make it your little hide-out for me-time or hanging with friends in a private area.

Adding More Sociable Places in Your Home

Today, more people are choosing to stay in rather than go out; maybe it is because money is becoming tighter, or the noise in clubs and concerts is not that appealing anymore. Regardless of the reasons, it is still possible to have fun at home, which brings the necessity of a ‘sociable place’ where you and your friends can hang out on weekends and Friday nights. These sociable spots today are inspired by bars, hotels, and restaurants.

For a clearer picture, think cocktail chairs, neon lights, a bar complete with drinks, bar charts, and all the other things that make a hangout spot complete.

Animal Prints

Animal prints have always been a major fashion and interior décor statement, and in 2020, they seem to be making a major comeback. To make animal prints work wonders for your home this year, you want to go with smaller, small furnishings, accessories, and rugs. If you like it, you can go bigger with curtains and larger carpets. 2020 is about elegance, and you do not want your home to look like the Playboy Mansion.

A Garden Room

If you have sufficient space, why don’t you take one of your rooms outside? You can have a dining room or even kitchen outdoors, and make cooking and dining a much more pleasant experience. To ensure cohesion, have the same overall style in your home used in the garden room.

Shopping Sustainably

Gone are the days where people buy things without worrying about their sources. Today, the trend is to buy items to spruce up your home that come from recyclable and sustainable sources. For instance, get furniture made from local materials like bamboo or rugs made from plastic bottles. If you want wooden pieces, look out for the FSC logo. By doing so, you choose to be eco-friendly, and you support the reduction of waste dumping in landfills and recycling to reduce unnecessary exploitation of natural resources.

Places you can source such items are Freecycle and Gumtree, and The Kitchen Exchange if you want to source out an entire kitchen.


You can do many things to boost your home’s living value and appearance, as 2020’s building design ideas have no bounds.

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