Move a Piano

Along with moving necessary things, there are some things we just do not want to leave behind. Some things have sentimental value and others are just for fun. Regardless, some items require a special way to move them. For example; a piano. Here are some tips on How to Move a Piano without any major problems. 

How to Move a Piano

Tip 1: Do not depend on the rollers:

 This means that in order to move a piano, forget that the rollers would be of any help. Instead, the rollers will break as they are weaker than you think. 

Tip 2: Recruit help. From friends or your neighbors:

You cannot move a piano all by yourself. Therefore, try to gather friends and neighbors who are willing to help you through this moving process

Tip 3: Cover up the keyboard.

Make sure to put the keyboard lid down and lock it so it doesn’t open. This can protect the keys from getting damaged.

Tip 4: Protect the piano with moving blankets:

Some professional moving companies supply moving blankets. If you are doing this on your own, then take padded blankets or moving blankets and secure them around the piano with masking tape. Make sure to cover the parts of the piano that can get scratched. Doing this protects the piano.

Tip 5: Make way:

This step is very important to make sure of before moving your piano. Make sure there is nothing in the way from the room to the truck. The passage must be clear to avoid bumping into something. 

Tip 6: Move your piano in a dolly:

After putting the Piano in a dolly make sure to secure the piano on the dolly so that it won’t fall off. Make sure to protect your back from any heavy lifting if you are lifting it on to the dolly. Do not forget to get it tuned again after moving it to your new place.

Moving from one place to another is always exciting and fun if nothing goes wrong. Many people do so because either they want to change their lifestyle, their standard of living or they want to start over with their lives. If they take such a big step with the right conditions and rules, it becomes a memorable experience. 

Finding Help with Piano Moving Professionals

We hope you found this How to Move a Piano guide useful. For more Moving Tips follow our Blog.

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