Optimize your home office

Now that it seems as though remote working is here to stay for most office workers, you may well be thinking about how you can level up your home office in order to optimize your productivity. The good news is that studies show many people are actually more productive when working from home, so there’s no reason why you can’t be too. With a little thought and preparation, it is more than possible to create a workspace at home that enables you to be more focused and effective than you were in your company office. Don’t believe it? Here are some great top tips to show you how.

Set up the perfect workspace

The first step is to create a desk space to work at that is as conducive as possible to productivity. For instance, you want to make sure that you have enough room for your laptop or desktop computer, as well as space to write by hand if necessary. You’ll need a spot for stationery and printed documents too. Ergonomics is a vital consideration, especially if you sit down for most of the working day. Ensure that you have a chair with back support to help you maintain good posture, or perhaps even a standing desk so that you can move around a bit more. Lighting is also important – having plenty of natural light is best if possible, but either way, you should make sure it’s not shining directly on your computer screen as this can cause glare and result in eye strain.

Eliminate distractions

To maximize your focus and concentration, it’s crucial to eliminate as many distractions as you can from your home office. Don’t have anything like a TV or games console in the room that will tempt you away from your work. Secondly, if you live with friends or your family, then always shut the door when you’re working. Having a visual sign that lets people know when you’re on a video call or doing some deep work can help ensure you don’t get disturbed. For those who have especially noisy neighbors, investing in a top-quality pair of noise-canceling headphones can also work wonders. You could even do a bit of DIY soundproofing if you have the budget and know-how.

Make the most of technology

Technology has long been a huge help in the workplace, and it can be very useful for you when working at home too. For instance, you could utilize productivity apps that block you from accessing social media or other irrelevant websites, as well as harness workplace software such as Slack and Zoom to communicate effectively with your colleagues. Meanwhile, collaboration tools such as Google Docs are great for projects involving multiple people. If you are running your own business from home, don’t forget about the possibility of outsourcing tasks to external companies that have cutting-edge technology in their field. This could be anything from a Recruiting Enablement platform for hiring new staff to financial software for accounting and payroll purposes. Doing this enables you to start growing your business all from the comfort of your home office but also shrink the entire process. 

Decorate for inspiration 

The environment in which you work has a big impact on factors such as motivation and creativity, so utilize this to your advantage. One example is color – greens and blues can have a calming influence on your psyche, whereas gray can be depressing and uninspiring. Another great idea is to bring in some greenery, as houseplants can not only help to purify the air but may also boost creativity and cognitive performance. Consider what motivates and inspires you personally. Then, see if you can incorporate this into your home office decor. For some people, it might be posters with uplifting slogans; for others, it could be family photographs, or maybe canvas prints of the ocean or mountains. Whatever makes you feel happy and productive!

Set boundaries 

The final point is to make sure that your new home office allows you to neatly separate your work life from that of your personal life. Remote working has made this more difficult for lots of people because you are working and relaxing in the same space. This has the unwanted effect of making it easier to work longer hours and harder to switch off from work concerns. Try not to use your home office for anything other than work, and also not to do work tasks in any other part of your house. This will make it simpler to draw a clear boundary between the two aspects of your life and also make you more productive during the hours you set aside for work.

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