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Windows are the eyes of your home. Every household aims for as much sunlight as possible, and if it’s accompanied by fresh air, even better. Some of our readers have houses that have stunning views over gorgeous vistas, natural beauties, or sprawling urban cityscapes. Whatever is your preferred view, the space around your windows shouldn’t be wasted or ignored. They are an important part of any house interior design and can bring a lot to the table.

 It can seem overwhelming at first when you try to tackle thousands of designs, materials, and variants but, it doesn’t have to be this way. What’s the difference between shades and drapes? What is the best choice is for a certain room? These questions can seem daunting when you start. But it is simpler than you think it is. So, get some coffee going, sit back and start imagining your perfect decor as these items are the sweet cherry on top. You’ve done so much for your home decor and, this will be the icing on the cake. So, in no particular order

1. Bathroom

Picking what goes where is synergized with the room. Let’s say you would want some long drapes in the bathroom. While that may seem like a good idea at first in classing up your bathroom, consider the following. Bathrooms are damp places with plenty of water splashing around and, your drapes will get drenched. As a bonus, if they are floor-length, they will drench even more. So going for faux wood or any water-resistant materials is a must. Bonus points if you opt for anything woven from natural materials as those will bring an aura of outside with them.

2. Kitchen windows

This area is similar to the bathroom with an added dimension of cooking smells, grease, splatter, etc. Kitchens are busy places with a lot going on and, nothing must get in the way. Anything white around your windows will soon absorb smells and fumes into it and, you will have to wash them frequently. The same rules apply here as in your bathroom and, you can maybe even add in Roman shades if you prefer.

3. Study room and Living room

Windows should let in plenty of natural light. Your living room is usually the centrepiece of your home and should be inviting, pleasant and full of positive energy. Also, it should be able to provide you with privacy if you choose to do so. It’s your home after all. Getting ideas is easier here, as you are not so limited since the living room allows for flexibility. Using layered drapes can be a good move if you want that old-school traditional look. 

Light curtains are excellent for a more casual look. Or you can combine both. Using modern roller blinds that are affordable and easy to install is a perfect solution since you can switch between opening up to the world and keeping your privacy intact. Your study room (or business room if you work from home or have a home office) can have two faces. Sometimes you just have to buckle down and get to work, so the maximum focus is key. Then, it’s good to shut yourself from the world to maximize productivity. But then again, not all workdays are the same and, there are times where you can use and enjoy a broader view. It can expand your horizons and help you access the bigger picture. Sliding window decorations are here for both of these.

4. Bedroom

Bedrooms are your haven from the world. They are a place dedicated to your relaxation, privacy, and recharge your batteries. Intimacy and privacy are a given, and various window accessories (curtains, drapes, shades, etc.) have to fulfil the above roles. But there is an aspect of duality here. Sometimes, when you get up you want to let the sunshine in. Maybe your bedroom faces a stunning view that you would like to enjoy. 

Yes, sometimes you need your privacy but, sometimes you want to open up. Drapes can come in a variety of materials and colours, easily fulfil both roles, and adapt to your whims on the fly. Shades can be your plan B in this situation, as it all comes down to your preference and choice on the matter. You are only limited in design, of any room, by your imagination and googling skills.

5. Tips and tricks for windows

What follows are some universal tips that you can apply to any area or type you chose. We just wanted to dedicate a separate section since their application is universal. Various windows accessories all share the same benefits. First and foremost, they can protect your furniture from harmful UV lights. UV lights can damage or bleach your colours and furniture during long periods of exposure. Also, good luck watching your TV with intense UV lights blasting at it. 

Then they help in energy conservation. Yes, your windows (and doors) are the primary fighters on this front but, window accessories help them along the way. And at the end, it gives you more control, light control that is. Some rooms in your home are facing north and naturally, they will receive little to no sunlight. But those facing south are far more exposed, and the same applies to east and west. Window decorations allow you to dose the amount of sunlight you want in your home at any given time or season.


Armed with knowledge, you are now more likely to make an informed decision. Just take a look around your home and start imagining and planning your future decorations around the windows. So much unused space and so much potential. Google or Pinterest can be your easy first choices, and here you are only limited by your imagination.

 Window accessories come in practically all shapes, sizes, colours, and types so you can pick, choose and match the styles that you want to see in your home. This one final decorative touch can wrap up the whole look and feel of your haven so, as they say, there is no time like today to get going.

We hope you found this blog post informative. Be sure to check out our post Ultimate Tips to Get The Perfect Window For Your Home for more great tips!

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