Planning for a Corporate Relocation to Miami

corporate relocation to Miami Florida

If you’re going to move your company to a new location, it’s important to plan carefully to ensure that your business can function well after the move, that your business properties are transferred safely, and that you don’t make any mistakes and inadvertently put your company at risk. The best thing to do is create an initial plan early on, and work with company leaders and stakeholders to dive into the details as the target move date approaches. Here are some great ideas on How to Plan for a Corporate Relocation to Miami.

For moving to Miami specifically, there are certain considerations to work into your gameplan. For instance, if you’d like to move to an office that’s near the beach, consider Miami Beach, Surfside, Bal Harbour Village, or Sunny Isles Beach neighborhoods. Brickell and Downtown Miami are the best neighborhood choices if you’re looking to live in an area that has a vibrant city feel to it. Coconut Grove and Coral Gables are great spots for the residential feel, which might make your employees happy if they want to resettle near where your new office is located, and Doral and Homestead are two neighborhoods that offer a calm, suburban feel.

Here are a few ways you should start planning for your upcoming office move to Miami.

Initial office move planning

Before you dive into the details, start by scoping out high-level initiatives:

1. Building a realistic timeline

Before anything, you need to develop a timeline for the move. Depending on the size of your office, you’ll want to take a longer amount of time to plan for your move. A large office could take anywhere from six months to over a year to plan and execute.

Work with stakeholders and department heads to ensure that the move will have a limited impact on business operations. Incorporate the moving plan into a Gantt chart or project calendar with your other business objectives to verify that key projects will still be completed on time.

2. Finalizing a budget

On top of creating a timeline, you’ll need to assess all finances and finalize a budget. Understanding how much it will cost to relocate office equipment, employees, company vehicles and assets will be a crucial step in your initial prep phase.

When you’re moving to Miami for the first time, you’ll also want to familiarize yourself with business regulations. For example, Miami-Dade County tax requirements may actually work in your favor when you move and provide more flexibility for allocated expenses. According to the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau, “Miami offers a number of tax advantages, including the fact that there is no local corporate tax, a very low state corporate tax, and no state personal income tax.”

3. Take inventory of assets and equipment

Create another list of all the office furniture, electronics, machinery and equipment that will need to be moved and installed in your new Miami office. When you hire a commercial moving company, this will allow them to accurately quote you for the job. Therefore, reassuring that company assets will be properly packed, stored, and safely transferred.

Consider ordering new furniture or equipment at this stage so you can have it delivered and set up on time in the new office.

Planning the details

After you create a general plan for the office move, start coordinating the move internally:

4. Coordinate with an internal team

Once you’ve figured out the initial logistics, the next step is to organize an internal moving team to help plan the finite details. You can build out a moving team within your organization by recruiting people from different departments. This ensures to help organize primary tasks and that moving updates are relayed efficiently to colleagues.

Assigning tasks to members of the internal team can help to spread out responsibilities. For example, you can assign a project manager to find a reputable moving company in Miami to help facilitate the relocation. Read more: Miami app developer

For smaller organizations, you often don’t need separate teams and can instead rely on a smaller team of volunteers throughout the company to get things in motion. Once your internal team is built, you should hold regular meetings to make sure everyone is moving forward together. This will help to keep deadlines and goals for each meeting so that team leads have something to work toward.

5. Provide resources for employees

When moving to Miami for the first time, assigning a team member to put together a helpful packet of local resources for your employees will make their move across the country much easier.

Here are some examples of helpful resources to include in a packet:

  • Property search services and contact information
  • Local tax services and contact information
  • Motor vehicle registration and contact information
  • Voter information
  • Local healthcare facilities that will accept your employee’s insurance provider
  • etc.

For example, include a section informing employees to go through the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles department to get a Florida license and license plate for their vehicles.

Another idea is showcasing carpool apps for commuters in Miami. Both employees bringing their own vehicles and employees looking for a ride to and from work can look for ride opportunities on apps like this. Neighborhoods like South Beach also offer bike share programs, for those who want to get some exercise while commuting. There are also public transportation options in Miami, such as Metrobus, Metromover and Metrorail.

Even a simple email with this information can save your employees time and reduce stress. Consequently, allowing them to focus on the business while they’re at work instead of worrying about personal matters.

6. Send updates to partners and stakeholders

Make a list of everyone that your company interacts and partners with suppliers, clients, contractors, etc. Then, you can let them know you’re moving in the future. While you may not know the new address of your new office yet, it’s important to keep partners updated. Keeping partners in the loop will allow you to plan for one-off meetings or accurately determine deadlines for projects and deliverables.

Hiring professionals

Now that most of the hard work is done, let the professionals do the heavy lifting:

7. Hire a long distance moving team

Although you have your internal moving team solidified, you’ll ultimately need to hire long distance movers for all the final steps of moving. You need a group of professionals who are able to dismantle, carry, and reinstall all cubicles and furniture. They’ll also have trucks that can fit all of your items and additional resources. Such as, tarps, blankets, tools, and anything else that will come in handy while safely moving your assets.

Invite them to your office so they can help you accurately plan the move and give insight into how the process will look. They may need access to elevators and may request security to be present while the trucks are being loaded. Therefore, be prepared to provide accommodations.

8. Hire a junk removal service

You’ll likely have leftover office trash and electronic waste that you don’t want to bring with you to Miami. Schedule a post-move junk removal service to pick up any old office equipment or furniture that you no longer need.


While moving a company to a new location can be daunting to think about, planning ahead can make the difference. By relying on leaders within the company and finding the right professionals for the job, your move will go as smooth as can be. Once you’re in Miami with the beautiful weather and rolling coastal waves, you’ll be happy you decided to make the move to “The Magic City”.

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