the ultimate moving across the country checklist

As though beginning a new job was not hectic enough, moving to a new town for a new job adds on to your stress. Between struggling for a new job, a new school for kids, a new home, packing up all the memories, packing up for your pet and making a moving checklist for the next 30 days can be difficult to prioritize while packing and making sure you don’t forget the important things before you head out of town. Here is the The Ultimate Moving Across The Country Checklist.

If you’re lucky enough, your boss may offer you a moving package and some benefits to make the transition easier for you. So don’t hesitate to negotiate these benefits. Apart from these, you will have to sell your old home, search for a new place, pay all your due bills, and research about the town you’re moving to.

To ensure you get everything done before time here is a checklist to make your move as stress-free as possible.

Negotiate Moving Benefits with Boss

When you’re moving to a new town because of a job, check with your employer or HR coordinator before finalizing the offer. Most of the employers have contacts with moving companies that offer good rates. Good benefits like discounted prices or sometimes even offer to move yours with no additional cost.

Before you consider the job that requires moving to a new town or even a new country, don’t forget to negotiate the relocation benefits with your boss.

Survey the new home and town you’re moving to

When you decide to move, explore the place beforehand. Search for commuting places close to your office or children school. This will save you not only time but traveling expenses too. Research about the rents and leasing prices in the town to avoid any mortgage scams. A higher salary is exciting but if the town you’re moving to is economically unstable, you’re most likely to find yourself in a financial loss.

Adjusting in a new town will require time. Plan a few trips ahead of moving to get familiar with the residents and the surroundings. And before you pick a house that you like, compare rates from different real estate agents.

Socialize and build a network

A trusted and experienced real estate agent will tell you accurate prices and compare them for you. He will tell you how much property in the new town sells for and also guide you through the entire process. This is why choosing a good real estate agent is also very important. You will depend on someone for their guidance and experience in an unfamiliar community. Choose a real estate agent who is trusted among the local people, and will provide you accurate information for you to make the right choice.

Be mindful of not selecting an agent who offers the highest prices. While every individual wants to make more profit, the deal that you close should be close to the regular prices in the town. So do your homework and talk to people in the neighborhood. Also, ask for reviews to know more about a particular agent.

Hire the cheapest moving service

Moving companies offer various discount and moving packages that you would like to go through before finalizing one mover. Sometimes they charge additional fees for fragile items, packing your boxes, storage, and large items. But if you choose wisely, you can save a lot with DIY packing and carrying fragile items in your car. It’s always recommended quoting prices from different local movers and then sign a contract with the most trusted one.

Make arrangements for your own travel

When the date for moving to your new apartment is final, make arrangements for your travel. Book a flight beforehand if you’re carrying a pet along then make arrangements for them too. Find out about the airline’s guidelines and specifications to pack according to that. You should also decide which items you will carry with you and what items will you send off with the moving company. Keep your prescriptions, a few toiletries, your passport, chargers and other essential items in a hand carry for easy access.

Don’t forget to attend to the important transitional information

Once you’re settled in your new house, change all the transitional data which if not looked after can create a big mess for you. Ask your landlord from the previous house to close down the utilities. These include gas, phone, electricity, and water services and get them turned on in your new house. Ensure that you have all your medical records and prescriptions looked after to in case you need to provide those to new doctors. Notify bank, credit card, and insurance companies and don’t forget to fill out the change-of-address forms too.

Finding Help with Moving Professionals

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