Long Distance Moving

Tips To Prepare For Long Distance Moving

Moving to a new home is already challenging itself. But moving long-distance is even tougher on another level. When it comes to making a long-distance move, expect that you’ll be carrying loads of boxes or furniture. Likewise, you’ll be taking them across the country or perhaps somewhere thousands of miles away.

Thus, the preparation phase of your long-distance move is believed to be very important. It may determine the success of your whole home moving operation. Moreover, it’s also highly recommended that you hire a reputable and trustworthy moving services company to help you achieve a swift and smooth long-distance moving experience.

But that’s not the sole consideration you’ll need to remember. There are still a few more essential tips to remember to ensure you have everything covered before your actual moving date. To help you out, here are some efficient moving tips to help you prepare for your upcoming long-distance move.

1.Establish A Plan

As soon as you and your family have decided to finally move across the country, remember that not only will you be moving yourselves but you’ll be also taking everything you own with you. The idea itself is already an enormous task that may sound daunting and overwhelming for some.

That’s why it’s crucial to establish a plan, as it may help you organize every step of the way. Take your utmost time to write down all the moving-related tasks you don’t want to miss. It’s also best to let your family help you during the planning process.

2. Have Multiple In-home Long Distance Moving Estimates

Finding the right moving company is believed to be crucial in your long-distance move. The last thing you’d want to happen is hiring a company that will scam you or delays your moving process in the future. Thus, it’s recommended that you have multiple in-home moving estimates from at least four to five different reputable and top-rated companies. The earlier you schedule these estimates, the better.

You may reach them through a phone call, online faxing, or reaching out to them via their websites. Then after getting in touch with them, don’t forget to personally show them all of the items you’ll be moving so they can have a precise and accurate calculation of the price estimate.

3. Hire A Trustworthy Moving Company

After thoroughly comparing the different in-home estimates and prices offered by companies, now’s the time to choose and hire the most trustworthy provider that can do a high-quality job. As much as possible, don’t limit your consideration by only comparing their prices and affordability.

Be aware that the cheapest option may not always be the best choice. Additionally, it’s also ideal to ask as many questions as you can about their service inclusions, general terms and conditions, packing materials offered, and their accreditation and licenses to help you with decision-making.

4. Update Your Important Documents

Moving to a new county means you’ll be changing your addresses. Thus, you’ll need to update all your important documents and identification cards that may feature your current address. This process can take a long time and can sometimes be complicated, depending on the regulations of the new area you’ll be staying in.

Some of the documents that may require updating include your driver’s license, postal address, registrations, and more. You can also research what more documents you need to update before you move.

5. Create An Inventory List

Certain people may claim to be a packing expert themselves when they’ve tried moving to a new place before. But when packing for a long-distance move, it’s another whole other league that brings forth different experiences and challenges. When you’re moving across the country, expect that some of your belongings and items may get delivered by mistake to different addresses before they finally reach your new home.

Thus, you must have an inventory checklist to help you keep track of every single box and item you’re taking. It’s up to you if you’d like to use a moving app or the traditional pen and notebook. The point is that you need to have a comprehensive list of all the things you own so you won’t waste time figuring out each box and item as soon as they arrive at your new home.

6. Take Time To Downsize

Before packing up, take time to downsize your belongings and get rid of all the items you don’t anymore need in your new home. Get rid of the appliances you never use or clothes you don’t wear anymore. You can choose to donate, resell, or dispose of them properly. Downsizing on the number of your belongings can significantly lower your price estimate and lessen all of your packing and unpacking.

7. Pack With Distance In Mind

Long-distance movers are said to oftentimes overlook this tip. While you may already have some packing tricks up your sleeve, keep in mind that preparing for a long-distance move may need double the usual packing effort. For instance, when packing fragile objects, it’s ideal to take extra care and wrap them twice or thrice.

Distance In Mind

You can wrap them in thick layers of paper, bubble wraps, or old t-shirts. Regardless of whether they’re fragile or not, all your packed boxes will undergo a series of transportations, numerous movers, and possibly reach different states and countries. Thus, make sure your packages are wrapped securely to endure different handling methods for a few days or weeks.

8. Include Your Name In The Labels

It’s believed that labeling your boxes is vital during the packing process. But besides that, it’s also recommended to include your name when attaching labels on these boxes. In a long-distance move, there are possible instances wherein your boxes may be transported on a different moving truck together with the boxes of other families.

To avoid your items from being delivered to the wrong location or getting mixed up with other packages, label each box clearly with your full name. You may also want to consider including your phone number on the boxes just in case one box is transported to the wrong address.

9. Hire Professional Packers

If you don’t have enough time to do the entire packing, don’t hesitate to choose professional packers especially for a long-distance move. These professionals possess all the essential skills and equipment used for preparing fragile and non-fragile belongings. Not to mention that they’re fast and efficient too.

10. Secure Moving Day Safety

After preparing as much as you can, the moving day is now finally a few days away. To secure safety during the moving day, here are essential tips you need to remember:

  • To avoid injuries, let the professional movers do their jobs lifting all the light and heavy boxes. After all, you’ve hired them to do exactly that job.
  • Instead of trying to help with the lifting, focus on keeping your children and pets away from the busy movers.
  • Be aware of your neighborhood situation and ensure that you have enough space for the moving trucks to park for a long period.
  • Keep all pathways and exit paths clear of any stones, water, mud, and other obstacles that may distract or block the movers during the lifting.
  • Let yourself and your entire family wear comfortable clothes with closed shoes for safety purposes.

Aside from these tips, it’s also important to double-check and triple-check your old house for any belongings that may have been accidentally left behind.

Wrap Up

Now that you have a guide for your long-distance move, you may now ease down, relieve yourself from the stress, and instead focus on enjoying and savoring the moment. Remember that you’re moving across the country for better reasons. So, calm down and stay optimistic about this huge transitional period of your life.

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