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The life of expats in Dubai is a high level of comfort, a lot of amenities, opportunities, a lot of sunlight and, of course, hard work. However, it is important for everyone moving to know that all such benefits are waiting for him only if he respects the order established here. Therefore, it is extremely important to know some things about Dubai in advance, before moving. Thanks to this knowledge, you will avoid a lot of troubles. 

Quite often, uncultured behavior in our society is punishable by imprisonment in the UAE. The legal and legislative aspects of the UAE are very different from the laws of Europe and America. As you may have guessed, in most cases, certain rules are conditioned by religion. And if ordinary tourists can be forgiven for violating any rules of behavior, then expats who live and work in Dubai are subject to strict requirements regarding behavior.

Dancing in public places

A very interesting rule: You can’t dance outside in Dubai. This rule applies to everyone – both locals, expats, and tourists. To dance, you need to come to a nightclub, a hotel or stay at home with the curtains closed. This rule mainly concerns women. Dancing in public places is considered challenging. That’s probably why the people of Dubai are so calm and modest. But not when it comes to cars and luxury. As you’ve probably noticed, Dubai residents love luxury housing, expensive restaurants and cars. However, not all expats and residents of Dubai buy expensive cars, because such an option as car rental is gaining momentum faster and faster. Mercedes, BMW, Ferrari hire in Dubai is a common thing. And it’s not surprising, because renting a luxury car for a little money is not just pleasant, but also very profitable. Car rental services offer a wide range of cars, try it and you won’t regret it.


For example, people who do not profess Islam can drink alcohol in Dubai only within certain establishments with the appropriate license. In no case should you drink alcohol in public places or just on the street.

If you live in the emirate and want to drink alcohol, you need to get a special license to buy alcohol and drink it at home. If you are stopped for violating traffic rules and alcohol is found in your car, you will be required to show a license allowing you to purchase alcoholic beverages. Otherwise, you will have to pay a fine.

Thus, the use of alcoholic beverages in Dubai is not very common, because such a serious attitude to alcohol is very aggravating.


If you move to live in Dubai, of course, you do not have to change your religion at all, despite the fact that the attitude to Islam is quite serious. However, anything that is a crime against Islam is not allowed and will result in serious fines and/or imprisonment.

Everyone knows that Muslims pray five times a day. At the same time, they can do this in a variety of places and loudly enough. The fact that it’s time to pray is reported from the loudspeakers of mosques, of which there are a lot in the UAE. Therefore, if you do not want to constantly hear these alerts, it is better to choose accommodation away from mosques.

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Bank checks

A very interesting phenomenon here is bank checks with a deferred date. Such bangs are very popular, they allow you to extend the possibility of paying for something. This is due to the fact that it is not easy for expats and even some locals to get a loan or a loan.

This is, of course, convenient. When you write a check with a deferred date, you are not required to have the entire specified amount in the account right now. However, you need to be sure that you will have it by the time the person brings the check to the bank. If a person goes to the bank and a check marked “insufficient funds” is returned to him, then you will have to pay a fine.

Think over all the details before moving and enjoy a comfortable life in Dubai! Good luck!

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