It is no secret that Dubai is one of the best tourist destinations on the planet. It is constantly rising in the list of desirable places to travel and moving to Dubai is easier than to any other country in the world. Dubai aims to absorb talents, which is why it creates conditions for an easier entry. 

moving to Dubai

The advantages of living in Dubai

There are several reasons why it is worth moving to Dubai:

1. Safety

Most crimes all over the world are committed under the influence of alcohol. In Dubai, this problem is solved at the state level and it is forbidden for drunk people to appear on the street. The level of security is very high: there are a lot of cameras, posters everywhere advertise the police, there are applications for the police, and incidents are solved very quickly. In the darkest hours of the day, you can feel safe. It’s an environment that attracts rich people.

2. Salaries

The second advantage of Dubai is the high salaries. If you are a good specialist, the salaries will be higher, in contrast to other countries.  There is no payroll tax here compared to European countries where there are huge taxes. If you develop in the digital space as an online entrepreneur and to make money and scale sales you need to set up targeting ads, buy Instagram followers, to cooperate with bloggers then with the move to Dubai your work organization and earnings will not change, but you will get a high standard of living, which is not in your country.

3. Work/Business opportunities

In Dubai, there is a huge concentration of business and work opportunities, and it is easier for a professional to realize his potential. This city attracts a huge flow of money and people who are active, strong, and capable.  The finances are in circulation, so new companies and jobs are constantly being created.

Here, professional growth is connected with multilingualism, multiculturalism. When you start working here you cross with different cultures, interact with a lot of people who are more qualified and it enriches you. Your professionalism and value grow as you start to be surrounded by high-class professionals.  

How to move to Dubai more efficiently and less expensively?

Before you move to Dubai, you need to make some preparations. Moving to any new country is always stressful. Check out these steps: 

Step 1

First, you need to work emotionally psychological state to move effectively and not to lose time to work with fears and stress. This is a radical change of environment with a new environment, atmosphere, climate so you should overcome yourself, leave your comfort zone. Adaptation is different for everyone, but it is important to work out inside yourself current moments to be more prepared.

It is important to prioritize so as not to lose focus from the goal and not to get into the funnel of other energetic flows. In Dubai, there are a lot of processes that can affect you emotionally and create a mirage of quick money: someone promotes his courses and you also have a desire to develop your personal brand, instantly buy real instagram followers, advertising, etc. Someone tries to involve in the network business, convinces join some projects or work for a commission. 

If you come to make a career, develop personally, it is important to know in advance what company you want to work for, how you want to make money, and it is important to think through all the details while staying in your country. Time is money, especially in Dubai, where everything is very expensive.

Step 2

The second step is informational and organizational preparation. It is necessary to collect all the required information. You need to know how the routes move, which areas you need to travel to, how to pay, what the prices are. The more you know, the easier and faster you adapt. 

Step 3

The third important preparatory stage is finance. This is your security and confidence. If you do not prepare a financial safety cushion for three months in advance, you will agree to a low salary, feel insecure at the interview, and agree to the conditions that infringe on you. The bigger your financial cushion, the stronger you feel yourself.

What is the best place to live in Dubai?

The districts of Dubai are unique components of the vast metropolis and each of them has several advantages.

The expensive areas are Downtown Dubai, Jumeirah, Dubai Marina.  Downtown Dubai is the business center of the city around the Burj Khalifa skyscraper. From the observation deck of the world’s tallest building, you can admire the panorama of the megalopolis.  Here is the largest shopping center in the world, Dubai Mall, and in the evening you can enjoy the dancing Dubai Fountains. It makes sense to rent an apartment in Downtown Dubai if you like to take part in events, visit the main sights and live an active life without budget constraints.

In addition

Jumeirah is an elite suburb with the best hotels in the UAE. There are also art galleries, boutiques, parks, luxurious beaches, and expensive cars. The coastal Jumeira Beach Park invites tourists to sunbathe or ride bicycles, while the Safa Oasis offers fun on amusement rides and modernly equipped sports fields.

The Dubai Marina district is one of the most prestigious parts of the city. More than 200 skyscrapers of extraordinary height and unique architecture have been erected in the residential district of Dubai Marina. Each of them has its fitness club, high-speed elevator, cinema, and waiting room for visitors.

The inexpensive areas of Dubai are Bur Dubai and Deira. Here the prices are cheap and you can still feel the oriental flavor.


To sum up, there are many good reasons to move to Dubai. It is much easier to move here compared to other countries in the world. There the ideal conditions for growth and development exist. The location of Dubai is extremely favorable,  it is convenient to fly to different countries, and people who live there much more often travel.

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