Relocating in the middle of a global health pandemic can be stressful, scary, and complicated. You have to worry about possible lockdown, either in your current or in your to-be hometown, affecting your relocation plan. Then there is the ethical question of whether moving when everyone else is staying indoors is morally okay; what if you make the wrong impression in the eyes of your to-be neighbors? Read below for some helpful advice on How To Relocate During The Coronavirus Pandemic.

Relocating During the Pandemic

Heartbreakingly, none of those concerns is even the biggest worry: The real worry is that you will be coming into contact with lots of people during your relocation process, and all of them could possibly infect you with coronavirus.

The good thing is that movers are considered an essential service in most states. So if you really have to relocate, you are sure to find a good and affordable moving company to help you move. However, if your relocation plans can wait until this pandemic is over, please, for your own and your family’s safety, wait it out. For those who have to move, here is how to relocate safely during the coronavirus pandemic: 

Budget for lots of hygiene products

Have enough hygiene products (That includes soap, running water, paper towels, hand sanitizers etc.) for everybody from your family members to your movers. Distribute them around the house, between the house and the truck, and in the moving truck and be there to ensure that everyone follows all hygiene practices as recommended by the WHO. If you don’t have a budget for hygiene products, then be sure to ask the movers to bring their own. Also, ask them to sanitize their trucks and floor pads before putting in any of your household items.

Besides the hygiene, there are tons of other safety practices that health experts have recommended. These include social distancing, wearing of face masks, not shaking hands, and resisting any temptation of touching surfaces or one’s face before washing hands. Ensure that the movers adhere to all of those recommendations. In case you suspect that one of the handymen has COVID-19 symptoms, be it sneezing or coughing, respectfully ask them to leave.

Avoid recycled moving products

Homeowners have the tendency of reusing boxes from the grocery store to pack their stuff when relocating. While that will save you money, it isn’t the safest approach during a health pandemic of this magnitude, particularly because the coronavirus can live on cardboard 24 hours or more. It is best that you buy new boxes.

See about renting a vacation home 

Maybe your lease has expired and you can’t extend it for whatever reason. Ordinarily, you would go to a relative or a friend for temporary shelter until you find a new place. With the coronavirus scare and the need to minimize human interaction, moving in with another family could be too risky. Your best shot at finding temporary accommodation right now would be renting vacation rentals in Florida to ride out the current storm.

Such rentals are great because they aren’t crowded like mainstream hotels, they are mostly away from human settlement areas, and they give you all the space you need to self-isolate. You will readily find affordable and spacious vacation rentals during this period, but make sure that such a move does not contravene any lockdown or social-distancing regulations in your neighborhood.

Limit contact during house tours/actual move

If you are like most home shoppers, you want to go out and feel the house you are about to move into before signing the lease/purchase papers. While that is understandable, you must do all you can to limit contact during house tours. Ask the realtor to open the doors and cabinets for you so that you can see the house with your hands in the pocket. Also, have gloves, masks, hand sanitizers, and surface disinfectants with you just in case you can’t stop yourself from touching surfaces. Lastly, don’t sign any physical papers just yet. All physical signing should wait until the coronavirus is out of the picture. Check out Tips for Moving During COVID-19 to a New Place.


Remember, it is very unsafe for you to move if you are in a high-risk group. If you are over 60, if your immunity is compromised, or if you have a pre-existing respiratory or cardiovascular condition, stay put until the WHO or health authorities in your country/state signals the green light. If you are self-isolating after being exposed, please don’t put the movers at risk of catching covid-19. Postpone your relocation plans. 

Finding Help with Moving Professionals

We hope you found this blog on How To Relocate During The Coronavirus Pandemic useful. Make sure to read Impact of Covid-19 on the Real Estate Industry for more information.

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