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Moving overseas can be both scary and exciting. You might need to move as you find a fantastic job, your family needs to relocate, or you’d like a fresh start in a place that’s entirely new for you. However, moving overseas isn’t a walk in a fairytale land as this can be expensive. Therefore, you must find ways to save on moving costs and expenses.  

To help you, here are some ways to save money when moving overseas:

Choose The Right Shipping Option

Moving overseas can be challenging since moving items internationally can be expensive and may hurt your budget. Therefore, to help you save costs, you should look for the correct shipping option and hire a reputable parcel forwarding service to save on shipping costs while ensuring the safety and protection of your belongings during shipment.

You should note that different forwarding services differ in how they charge every shipment. They can base it on your package’s weight or size. To avoid unexpected charges, you should confirm with the company about their cost and see if they fit your budget needs.

Create A Budget Plan

Of course, creating a budget plan is one way to stay on track with your expenses. This way, you can estimate and set aside enough budget to spend on your move. You can begin by listing your transportation. This includes your flight and transportation to bring you to your new home.  

This also includes how much you’ll need to pay for your new home; will you rent or buy a new property? How much will you spend on your new furniture, clothes, and essentials? Additionally, consider the items you’ll take with you and budget how much you’ll have to pay for the shipping expenses. This should help you create a proper budget and keep yourself on track.

Open A Local Bank Account

Transferring funds while you’re already in a different country can be expensive, as you’ll be covering the international transfer fee. To bypass this, you should open a local bank account in your destination country and seamlessly transfer your funds. You can easily open an account by visiting any bank available in your new destination to save costs and provide convenience. After opening your account, you can transfer as much money as possible without paying extra international fees. 

Opening a local bank account can also provide maximum convenience as you’ll already have something to use as soon as you arrive. You don’t have to worry if the stores you go to accept any international cards.

Research The Best Time To Move

There’s usually a peak when countries decrease prices to attract more people into buying or renting their property. Since you’ll need a new place to stay, you should research the country and see which season the price drop happens. This can help you save costs as you’re minimizing your expenses.

Pack Less

One of the best ways to save money when moving overseas is to pack less. Booking for a shipping courier is generally expensive, especially if you plan on bringing most of your items, including bulky items such as furniture and appliances. Therefore, it’s best to pack as less as possible. 

To make packing easier and more convenient, consider decluttering first. This way, you’ll know which items to dispose of, keep, sell, and donate. With this, you wouldn’t have to bring things you don’t need, helping you pack less and save money on shipping. 

It’s hard to let go of your things, especially when you’ll never see them again. While your belongings hold many unforgettable memories and sentimental value, it’s not the most budget-friendly way to bring them with you as you make your move. Therefore, consider packing less and only taking your most valuable belongings.

Packaging Costs

Save On Packaging Costs

If you’re shipping your items through a box, you should also look for ways to save on packing costs. While it’s helpful to use bubble wrap to protect your fragile items, you can use some of what you already have while still giving enough security to your stuff. 

You can use a bulky towel or a piece of old newspaper to wrap around fragile items. You can use old boxes as your primary packaging material to save costs. Alternatively, you can ask the shipping company if they offer free boxes and tape. This might not be available for everyone, but it’s worth the try.  

Ask Your Company To Pay

If you’re moving due to a work transfer, you can ask your company to pay for your relocation. They might not be able to cover all your moving expenses, but it should be enough to lighten up your workload.

In most cases, your company can only pay for your flight and move some items. For your other expenses, such as accommodation and bringing your family, you might have to shoulder them yourself. But it’s still better than nothing and can significantly reduce your expenses. 

Book Flights In Advance

Booking your flight a week before your departure might double your transportation costs. It’s usually considered a last-minute flight, so you’ll have to pay more to secure your seat. To avoid the added cost, you should book your flights in advance. As soon as you confirm when you’ll move, you should immediately book your flight. This can help you save costs as an early booking is usually more affordable than booking a week before your flight. 

Research The Local Area

As soon as you arrive in your new country, you might pay for things more than they’re worth. Some people take advantage of foreign people to buy more expensive items or pay more. 

To avoid spending more than you should, you should research the local area where you can get affordable food. It would help if you also looked at the different modes of transportation to get you to different places as soon as you land. This should help you save money and be frugal upon your arrival.


It’s always practical to save money when moving overseas. This allows you to have an extra budget in case of any sudden financial emergencies. That said, consider applying the tips above to make the most out of your every cent. More importantly, plan early to help you save money and have a smooth and convenient move to your new home overseas.

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