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Are you moving overseas for work, retirement or adventure? Even though it’s a big challenge, creating a new life for yourself in a foreign country can be one of the most exciting things you’ll ever do. Once you settle, prepare to learn a lot about the world and yourself, meet amazing people, try new food and drinks and enrich your life with a ton of new experiences. However, making the move is pretty tiresome and you can’t expect to have a smooth trip without these following tips:

Get Your Medical Records In Check

Your health should always be your priority, especially now with all this pandemic chaos, so make sure all your vaccines are up to date. In some places, you can’t get a visa unless you’ve had all your jabs. Also, make sure your medical records are in check and that they clearly state all your allergies and medication. If you want to smooth the process of getting your prescription meds, make sure to bring all your evidence of previous prescriptions.

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Choose a Reliable Moving Company

Now is the time to start organizing your possessions and getting them ready for the move. The best thing you can do is find a good moving company that will ensure your things travel safely and securely. When packing the boxes, create an accurate list of all your possessions so nothing gets lost or broken. If there are some belongings you don’t want to bring with you, organize a quick yard sale or donate items to your local charity.

Tell Your Government

It’s important to keep your government informed about your whereabouts. All institutions that handle money (taxes, benefits, pensions) need to know that you’re leaving, but your state, federal and electoral office should be informed as well. This last part will ensure you can still vote in your home country.  In case you’re moving for work, you might qualify for a tax deduction when it comes to your moving costs. Just to be safe, make sure to also register with your embassy overseas—this will protect you in case things go sideways.

Solve Your Transport Situation

When traveling somewhere overseas, it’s super important to have your transport situation settled. You don’t want to arrive at the airport in a faraway location like New Zealand and find yourself completely abandoned and lost after a long flight—that’s not a good start to your new life. Instead, make sure to book a car rental in Christchurch and you’ll instantly have your transport situation taken care of. With your private vehicle, you can also settle down quickly, explore the area and even save up some money (taxi is never cheap). Just remember that Kiwis drive on the left side of the road, so it might take some time to get used to it.

Check Your Tax Situation

Depending on where you live, you might still be required to file taxes with your home country—sorry! On the other hand, you might not have to pay any taxes to your home government or just pay a tiny amount, especially if you’ve already been taxed in your new country of residence. If you’re moving for longer and plan to work in your new country, do some research and see whom you owe taxes to.

Grab a New SIM card

Staying connected is one of the most important things right now, so make sure to buy a local SIM card as soon as you arrive. This will come in handy when communicating with your employer, government officials and utility companies. Your SIM card will also provide you with internet data, so you can check your emails, make Skype calls and do business without having to rely on free WiFi.

Have Enough Money

If anything goes wrong, you’ll be glad to have a nice amount of savings with you. Start saving ahead of time, so you can have at least two months of your expected expenses with you as your financial backup. This fund should not be touched unless you come across an obstacle that will prevent you from paying your bills. Moving abroad requires a lot of adaptation to changes and new situations, so having enough money as a buffer will provide you with added security. It’s also good to know how expensive everything is at your new location, so you can create a good budget until you start making money again.

Give Yourself Time

Visa acquisition, moving, setting up utilities, finding interesting people, getting used to your new job and environment all take time, so don’t rush anything when moving overseas. When you arrive, you will go through a honeymoon phase, but once that passes, you can be greeted with a lot of stress, especially if you realize you don’t know the language, how to make doctor’s appointments and how to apply for taxes and other important things.

Starting your life somewhere far away from your home will take some time to adjust. But if you have these moving tips to rely on, your relocation will go smoothly and without too much stress.

We hope you found this blog post Essential Planning Tips when Moving Overseas useful. Be sure to check out our post 8 Important Things to Consider Before Moving Abroad for more great tips!


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