Moving is one of those life transitions that invites chaos. As much as we plan for when moving, there is also something that we forget or simply cannot foresee. Here is How to Stay Tidy and Organized When Moving:

At the same time, the moving process can be exhausting, and the more rushed we may feel while preparing for a move, the more likely we are to become disorganized and messy. Ultimately, disorganization will make the whole moving process, including the planning, packing, and moving in, more difficult than it has to be.

That’s why it’s crucial to stay organized during the moving process for a less chaotic and much more enjoyable move.

Cut the Clutter and Stay Organized

It’s time to be ruthless about the possessions that you want to move with you.

Moving preparation is one of your best opportunities to deeply declutter and spring clean your home. It can be very wasteful to pack and transport everything in your home, particularly if you have been holding onto possessions that you don’t want or need. This is a great time to set aside anything that you don’t want to bring with you to recycle, donate, or throw it away.

We’re not just talking about items that you may keep around your home that are old, broken, or unwanted. It also applies to items that go unused or clothes that you don’t wear. Purging your possessions first will make the packing process easier and give you less to move.

Start Early and Plan It into Your Schedule

It can be tempting to put off our packing and moving obligations to the end of our schedules as if they were regular chores. Too often, however, our packing chores come with hard deadlines. Putting them off is how we run into problems, such as being unprepared, packing and cleaning on a time crunch, forgetting appointments, and not being able to take the care that you need with your moving process.

Instead of hitting crunch time, plan your moving preparations into your schedule well before the day that you plan to move. This will help you manage your time, keep organized, and make sure that you don’t procrastinate. This also gives you valuable time to consider how you’ll move your valuables, including expensive jewelry and collectibles, your built-in safe, and sensitive paperwork.

Additionally, schedule specific times for the moving chores on your to-do list. Set dates to take care of your change of address forms, scheduling utilities starts and stops. Mark important appointments on the calendar, including truck or storage rentals and moving help.

Get Your Supplies

When you start packing, having all the supplies you need on hand can save you a lot of headaches. For some, this will mean thinking ahead and collecting boxes that you might ordinarily recycle. You might be able to pick up boxes from local retailers that receive shipments throughout the week.

Prepare yourself with a variety of box sizes, including smaller boxes that you will have no problem filling with heavy objects, such as books and paperwork. Also, set up some medium and large boxes for lighter-weight objects.

Additionally, you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of packing tape, as well as collected newspapers and other cushioning for fragile objects. Finally, keep a supply of good permanent markers for labeling.

Work to a System

The packing and moving process is confusing and can easily become overwhelming. We are constantly making choices while packing, whether we realize it or not, and making that many choices throughout the day becomes exhausting to our executive functioning. You can make this clearer and easier on yourself by working according to a system.

The most common system is to work your way from room to room, finishing the area you started before moving on. This means that if you start one bookshelf, go ahead and finish it. Try not to become waylaid by odds and ends that don’t fit in the current box that you’re working on. Instead, have a separate miscellaneous box or a space to place one-off items that don’t fit elsewhere.

It also helps to group objects between rooms, such as clothing, accessories, books, appliances, and others.

Be Diligent About How you Label Your Boxes

While no one has time to write the entire contents of a box on it while they’re packing, it can be helpful to write some examples of what you’ll find on the outside.

A clear labeling system can save you a lot of confusion during the moving and unpacking process. Ideally, you’ll want to know where a box should go in your new home just by looking at it.

If a box contains a must-have item that you or your family can’t live without, mark these in eye-popping color, so that you know exactly which boxes to open first. Make sure to consolidate your most important, must-have items into one or a few boxes. This will make it easy to have everything you need when the time comes.

If you’re up for it, you can even put together a ranking system for boxes that you need to unpack first versus boxes that can stand to wait.

Color Code Boxes to Help Both You and the Movers

Color-coding can take the guesswork out of where boxes have come from and where they are going. When it comes to the actual moving day, most people want the process over as quickly as possible, which means less time spent carefully reading a box’s contents. The color will help you and your helpers to more quickly register where a box needs to be.

Additionally, colors are a recognizable and immediate way of flagging boxes that contain fragile or breakable items and liquids.

While color-coding can work with different colored permanent markers, this kind of flagging is at its most effective when done with colored tapes.


Moving is full of transitions, and no move is complete without a few unforeseen difficulties and hitches. This makes organizing and keeping tidy more important than ever, allowing you to focus on the difficulties that pop up without becoming overwhelmed by those things you can plan ahead of time. A simplified move is as easy as staying prepared, making a plan, keeping yourself supplied, and sticking to a method.

Finding Help with Moving Professionals

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