Kitchen Shelving

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home and beautiful décor and furniture matter just as much in the kitchen as they do elsewhere in the house. Shelves are an essential part of the interior design of any kitchen as they are used to store utensils or cookbooks and can also be purely decorative in themselves, especially if special or valuable crockery sets need to be displayed but are never used. The height at which shelving is installed tends to vary with the purpose of each individual shelf and floating shelves have become very fashionable in recent years. 

Organize For Maximum Utility

The kitchen is all about having access to items you need such as tools, pans, and ingredients like spices. First and foremost the design of your open kitchen shelving should be organized according to how you like to cook and the items you need on a daily or consistent basis. The more organized your kitchen layout is, the more easily you will be able to prepare meals and smoothies and get by your day in an efficient manner. 

In terms of height keep heavier and more frequently needed items such as pots and pans on lower shelving or incorporate hanging hooks in the design. Lighter and more fragile items such as glasses or serving dishes can be stored on higher shelves so children or pets cannot reach them and there is less chance of them being damaged or broken. 

Surround The Shelf 

When you are decorating and styling your kitchen shelves never forget the space underneath the shelf and the wall around it. Once you have arranged the shelf with items you use all the time you can hang up a picture or painting or two on the wall and have a bowl of flowers or fruit underneath the shelf or an ornamental cookie jar. Combining functional aspects and beauty together can give the kitchen a ‘lived-in’ look and make it feel cozy and wonderful. 

A Casual Less-Than-Perfect Display 

The kitchen is not a space in the home where you should be looking for perfection. Make a point of mixing colors, textures, patterns, and sizes when you are styling a display. Incorporating pops of color such as a bright blue or yellow bowl amidst white crockery can also instantly catch the eye. Consider styling the area in an imperfect, homely manner reflecting the colors you love best and the items you use all the time and adore. 

Do Not Clutter

Kitchens are where meals and snacks are often prepared in a hurry so clutter can get in the way of efficiency. When styling your display always consider having fewer items and leaving space between them. If you have a lot of ornamental items such as expensive chinaware, you can consider having a separate cabinet for those showpieces in the dining area or away from the kitchen. 

Designate a separate shelf for cookbooks and recipes and then for bowls and glasses. Whenever possible put away items in drawers or cabinets and invest in drawer or cupboard organizers that can optimize storage efficiency for daily use items. Phoenix custom sliding shelves can also be used for this purpose as they can be tucked away when not in use and are visually pleasing and modern. 

Use All The Corners

Most modern kitchens are small to moderate in size and depending on the number of family members or housemates, space can end up being very valuable. When installing floating shelves or other types of open shelves use all the space available including corners and crevices. Utilizing the height of the kitchen for open shelving is a great idea if the space is smaller and more cramped. Switching up the shelves in terms of material can prove interesting to the eye and add a lot more dimension to a smaller kitchen. Wood, glass, and metal are the usual choices but there is a lot to pick from in terms of type, texture, and color. 

White & Neutrals To Open Up The Space

When in doubt, shades of white are excellent for opening up a kitchen and allowing other décor elements to play a greater part. An all-white kitchen especially with creamier white tones looks spacious and with endless possibilities. Small additions of personality and color can shine all the brighter in a totally white backdrop. Furthermore, a homeowner can decorate with colorful curtains, table mats, or jars and not compromise on the timeless elegance of white when used for the shelves. 

Mix Up The Metals 

Many common kitchen items are metal including shelves, hooks, and hardware. For an especially designer feel, mix up the metals in terms of color and type to give a curated look to the kitchen. Brass, copper, stainless steel, rose gold, etc can contrast against each other and appear wonderfully artistic when either used as the material for shelves or for the décor items placed on them. 

Include Foliage Wherever Possible 

Greenery and elements of nature always bring any space to life. Plants, flowerpots, and hanging foliage are stunning for kitchen shelves as they impart an earthy and organic vibe to the whole space. Foliage can provide oxygen and rejuvenate one’s senses when one is cooking or preparing meals in the kitchen. For homeowners that lack time, good faux varieties of plants can be a substitute as long as they are kept clean and washed regularly. For higher shelves hanging foliage such as money plants are an ethereal choice especially if they are placed in mason jars. 

A Tea Set And Coffee Mug Display 

Everyone loves their coffee and tea mugs and many people collect them in different patterns and designs such as according to season or to commemorate a certain event. Having a coffee mug display can be a source of joy every time you walk into the kitchen for a refreshment and the same applies to tea sets such as saucers and teapots if you are a tea lover and enjoy the ritual of it. 

We hope you found this blog post on How To Style Your Open Kitchen Shelving useful. Be sure to check out our post on Shelving Tips For Any Kitchen Layout for more great tips!

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