How to Transport a Motorcycle?

The way a motorcycle is transported must be adapted for the type of motorcycle. Some motorcycle shipping is much easier to transport than others. This depends on factors, such as the dimensions, weight and the amount of bikes that need to be transported. The number and type of points where the tie-down straps can be attached are also important. Most of the time the motorcycles can be secured quite simply, but there are models in which the motorcycle must be covered by making it difficult to find suitable places to tie the straps. This is a very important aspect, because the correct anchoring of the load by the motorcycle transport services is crucial for the safety and transport of shipping motorcycles.

What is the best way to transport a motorcycle?

A specialized transporter guarantees safe motorcycle shipping, using suitable equipment such as transport by cages or metal crates which allow the motorcycle or scooter to be perfectly maintained. The costs below are detailed according to the model and main modes of transport, in France or abroad, to transport a motorcycle or any two-wheeled vehicle.

Why use a specialized transporter?

Motorcycle or vehicle transport is a very special activity in the removals sector. Objects like furniture are a common part of a move, a motorbike or two-wheeled vehicle are much more than inanimate objects to their respective owners. Likewise, for private collectors for whom a classic or vintage motorcycle that have a particular history and a much greater economic value. Transporting a motorcycle requires suitable equipment to ensure safe bike shipping.

How is a motorcycle transport carried out by professionals? How much to transport a motorcycle?

Transporting a motorcycle or scooter must be carried out using specialized shipping company means. The use of a dedicated vehicle such as a truck or van adapted to this type of operation, attached with specific straps and all the equipment compliant for the transport of motorcycles is sufficient. In addition, by going through group transport you have the possibility of saving up to 50% on transport costs.

Secure motorcycle transport

Specialized motorcycle movers are able to guarantee a safer and more complete service thanks to the use of special metal cages for transport, in which motorcycles and scooters are loaded. If your motorcycle has special value, such as a vintage motorcycle, the most suitable solution is to guarantee maximum safety which allows you to save money. Your motorcycle can be protected and packaged according to your wishes.

Procedures for a motorcycle transport

For shipping a motorcycle with professionals, you must make sure to:

  • Empty the fuel tank for transport
  • Have the vehicle papers in order
  • Do not give the motorcycle keys or the motorcycle papers to the transport service driver. You must send them separately by mail
  • What if your motorcycle has broken down or cannot be driven? The carriers can completely take care of the routing of this one for purposes of repair or restoration, the only condition is that the vehicle is rolling.

Experience to transport your motorcycle

Transporting your motorbike alone seems like a simple task to accomplish but it requires loading and positioning the motorbike. Using rails on a trailer or inside a van, to tie it up and tie it down allows for correctly securing everything before setting it off. However, motorcycle enthusiasts who are used to this kind of maneuver or who often participate in events and races will tell you, these operations require some experience and the right equipment.

Have the right equipment

Indeed, because of their two wheels, motorcycles are unstable and without a tripod or suitable support, there is the risk of it falling under its weight at the slightest knock on the road.

What is the cheapest way to ship a motorcycle by a transporter?

Do you want to know the exact price of transporting your motorcycle? Request a free personalized quote by filling out online form of any of the professional motorcycle transport services so you can be put in touch with specialized carriers in your region. Compare the offers received from home, ask for more details, and select the cheapest motorcycle shipping service that best suits your needs.

The motorcycle shippers will carry out loading and unloading operations on their own, take care of the safety of the equipment throughout the entire journey and this is possibly the cheapest way to ship a bike. Bikes will be equipped with safety belts, supports, wheel traps, which will ensure a secure fit. Contact right now and the experts will deliver the scooter to the specified address on time, safe and sound.

We hope you found this blog post How to Transport a Motorcycle? useful. Be sure to check out our post on How Shipping Logistics Works for more great tips!

How to Transport a Motorcycle?

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