The appeal and aesthetic beauty of your home is determined by many factors and the design and material of the roof is undoubtedly amongst them. When you are building or remodeling your home, you may see the value of straying from the norm and opting for a roof design that is different, futuristic or simply gorgeous. Here are some innovative roofing ideas to enhance your home’s appeal. 

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A Roof That Lives

Green roofs or living roofs are all the rage nowadays as they are eco-friendly, a natural insulator for the house and incredibly beautiful to look at. Depending on the size and what a homeowner choose to grow on a green roof, they can be a valuable addition to the kitchen and food supply as organic produce is always healthier than shopping at the store. A waterproof membrane is laid down on the roof before the vegetation is planted and this keep excessive moisture out of the main structure of the roof. 

Green roofs make use of rainwater to grow useful vegetables, they can generate clean oxygen for inhabitants and some experts say they even support local biodiversity. That being said, green roofs can be labor intensive and generally require a large investment upfront. There can be long-term savings in energy bills due to the natural insulation that green roofs provide. 

Solar or Photo Voltaic Panels 

Solar photo voltaic panels are a type of roofing material that are installed directly on the roof as opposed to separately in a raised structure as is the case with regular solar panels. Photo voltaic panels have a myriad of benefits from being kind to the environment, providing heat dispersion and energy savings, generating renewable energy and lending a futuristic and stunning look to your roof. While considerable prior investment is involved, solar panels are well worth the money especially when compounded energy bills are added up over a decade or more. 

For the most part photo voltaic panels do age well but do need regular inspection and washing so that the panels can continue to effectively absorb the rays of the sun to convert to energy. Double check the building code in your area as many locations offer certain tax breaks or incentives for people installing solar paneling in their homes. 

Asphalt Shingles Rebooted 

Asphalt has been the material of choice for residential roofing for many decades as it presents a lower cost than other materials and is relentlessly durable regardless of weather conditions. Newer versions of asphalt have been designed to be more aesthetic with an abundance of faux finishes to resemble more expensive materials such as wood shakes and slate. Generally the latter and the former cost a lot more than asphalt to be installed but now the availability of synthetic asphalt means you can have the same stunning look for less. 

Reclaimed Slate And Wood Shakes 

Sustainability and environmentally friendly building choices are forefront on the minds of homeowners today due to climate change awareness. For that reasons homeowners prefer to use recycled or reclaimed building or roofing materials. Slate has been popularly used in Europe for decades and wood shingles are used in natural environments where it may have been difficult to transport other roofing materials. Buying reclaimed slate or wood for your roof can prevent these materials from ending up in a landfill and proper prior inspections means you can still get decades of use out of them. Synthetic slate however is just as cheap if not more inexpensive than secondhand slate and boasts of warranties covering more than 50 years. 

Metal Is Modern 

Metal roofing has become the face of a modern roofing aesthetic as any commercial roofer will tell you. Metal can be recycled until the end of time and has a durability greater than even that of slate, wood and asphalt. Metal roofing can easily last upwards of a century and still be reusable and recyclable. Metal roofing shingles are fairly immune to serious damage and probably require the least maintenance. Solar paneling can also be installed on top with ease to maximize energy savings. Metal roofing comes in many styles and colors to match any architectural style and can even be painted and cured to look like stone or wood shingles. 


A sensibly chosen roof can offer benefits to the environment, savings on energy bills and can also optimize energy consumption within a home. If the roofing material is chosen in conjunction with the dominant weather conditions in an area, the latter will last very well with minimal maintenance required. If you are in doubt, opt for extremely resilient materials like metal or consult your local contractor about the best choice for your home. Innovative roofing ideas are all about employing a range of versatile benefits to your home by investing in design and durability.

We hope you found this blog post on Innovative Roofing Ideas To Enhance Your Home’s Appeal useful. Be sure to check out our post on Match Your Roof With Your Home’s Exterior Design for more great tips!

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