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A custom home is built keeping the homeowner’s preferences, sense of style, and utility in mind. The wonder and beauty of a custom home is that it strays from the identical suburban house design that many people may be used to and instead borrows heavily from the imagination and flair of the homeowner. The interior design of the custom house is just as vital as the exterior décor and here are some ideas to add more comfort, beauty, and allure to your custom home. 

Pocket And Glass Doors

Depending on the size of the house, imbuing the interior with a sense of continuity using pocket doors or glass doors can be both fashionable and practical. Among other things it allows the creation of more practical rooms and niches within the house and allows for some privacy as well. Pocket doors can also be very regal and luxurious and were often found in older houses of a certain size. 

If you have a smaller custom house, they can add an illusion of space which may seem paradoxical as they effectively create a barrier from one area to the next. The use of glass doors especially with a glass arch overhead can make ceilings appear higher and provide the same function as installing a large mirror. 

A Sunroom 

Most people in the modern world do not get enough sun due to a fast paced lifestyle. Sunrooms used to be very popular decades ago because they have multiple functions. They can be used for entertaining, relaxing, reading a book, or enjoying pleasant weather, and can be a welcome addition to any interior design concept. If you are someone who enjoys nature and foliage as well as the solitude and peaceful quiet associated with a love for reading, a sunroom designed with some stunning luxury homewear and personal touches might just become your favorite room of the house. 


Expanding from the concept of a sunroom is installing skylights in the home. They are not actually expensive to have made although you should discuss with your custom home builders whether or not multiple skylights are appropriate for the temperature and weather conditions in the area. A skylight may need to be made in a slanting position if rain or snow is an expected occurrence for a significant period of time each year. Using shatter-proof glass is essential for protecting against extreme warm temperatures as well as snow and hail. 

Play With Natural Light

Natural light is one of the more sought after features in any room as it can elevate mood and beautify any interior décor used. Fort Lauderdale interior designers advise using natural light to your advantage by opting for lighter fabrics for curtains, using plenty of foliage and flower pots next to windows, and using colors and mirrors that will reflect the light entering the room. 

A Variety Of Art Pieces

Personal effects create the feeling of home for most people and art is a valuable component of one’s sense of style and taste. Your house should ideally have work from local artists as well as pieces that inspire a sentimental attachment. If you have art pieces that are very valuable make sure to have their protective elements in place (a glass case and so forth) and also take out insurance to protect your investments. 

Changing up the type of art can add variety and interest to any space so choose colors wisely and incorporate various types such as paintings, photography, tapestries, sculptures, and so forth. The furniture itself can count as an art piece especially if it is in a vintage or antique style or is an heirloom inherited from an elderly relative. Many types of furniture actually increase in value over time if they are made from special kinds of luxury wood or incorporate certain carving techniques. 

Books As Décor

Most people will agree that books and book nooks are a sublime décor concept in any home. Not only do they give an aura of comfort and coziness, but they can also prove to be excellent conversation starters and any guest visiting will feel he/she is in the presence of cultured and knowledgeable individuals. 

There are many ways to use books as a brilliant interior design concept such as having a stairwell of books, a secret doorway of books that opens to reveal a small room, a small cozy nook next to a window seat, or little shelves spread out across the whole house. Many people prefer books to be available and visible in every room of the house including the kitchen and the bedrooms and that has its own allure to it as well. 

Pay Attention To The Bathrooms

Bathrooms are central rooms in any house because this is where people go to refresh themselves, get ready and unready, and for some, their best ideas might emerge during the shower. Bathrooms can be made in a certain style such as contemporary or retro and certain colors can be used such as sky blue or pale grey to influence mood in a positive fashion. Adding touches like a waterfall shower, foliage, wooden and marble accents, and so forth can all contribute to the bathroom becoming a pleasing and rejuvenating addition to any custom home. 

Aesthetically Pleasing Storage Ideas

While most people want their home to be aesthetically pleasing and alluring, adequate storage is one of those components of living a comfortable life that simply cannot be ignored. If a house does not have practical and functional storage options available, it can very quickly become an uncomfortable place to live in. 

Use multipurpose furniture such as beds that open up to provide storage, sliding shelves, and floating shelves to display and store your favorite belongings. Having a functional and well-organized basement and attic can also provide storage of less aesthetic but useful items that are needed on a seasonal basis or every now and then. Collapsible furniture or sofas that become beds can be helpful if you want to accommodate guests well during the holiday season and do not necessarily have the space or furniture for it. 

We hope you found this blog post on Interior Design Ideas For Your Custom Home useful. Be sure to check out our post on Different Interior Design Styles for Decorating a Small Space for more great tips!

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