Is Your Office Moving? Read This Plan to Help You Through the Process

So your office is moving to a new location, and as excited as you are about it, you are also probably stressed about the whole moving process, confused about how what and when to do. We’ll make you a small office moving plan with major tasks to list and execute along with the time each task will require. A total time of 4-5 months is usually what it takes for a workplace to shift to another location. Here is the ultimate Office Moving Plan.

Every workplace is different and they have a different style of going about things. However, agreeing over a small plan and sticking to it will prove to be helpful in avoiding chaos and making your transition smoother. Of course, it is always good to start as early as possible, especially if you are planning to go through it on your own.

But if you have the idea of using a moving company’s services to help you through the move in mind, you will have to design your plan according to that, and it is likely to lessen the time it will take you to move as well, since the physical relocation will mostly be managed by the company, and you will have one less big task on your list. Now, think about the things left for you to take care of:

Office Moving Planning:

Make sure to announce the Office moving plan to your employees as soon as possible:

People get used to working in a certain environment, and a change in that environment can affect their performances. Depending on the environment, the change can be good or bad. In any case, they have the right to know about it so they have time to mentally prepare themselves for this big change. Some of them might have to arrange new transportation services and that requires time. Others may decide that working for you in the new location will not be convenient for them, and they may want to leave. Therefore, they will need time to look for a new job and you will need time to look for a new employee. You can also prepare a relocation guideline for them to follow.

Plan The New Infrastructure Beforehand:

Know the dimensions of the new place and plan the new infrastructure accordingly. We could all use a change, so you probably will not design the new office the same way as the old one. Work with the IT and HR department to discard outdated machinery and design and see how you can build a new and improved workspace for your employees, a place they will look forward to coming to every morning. Make a list of all the new things you will be needing and of all the things that can be recycled, allow a budget to your shopping list and try to stick to it.

This Might Be Your Chance To Go Paperless:

Look at this as a chance to clear the clutter at your workplace by moving all your files and records to digital storage. It will help you sort what data you need and which data you are better off without. Not just that, it will also make the moving process easier and literally, lighter.

Remember to keep communication open with your employees, keep your ears open for their concerns, and keep them and your partners updated with the progress. Review your plan wherever required, and keep a check on the parties responsible. This is to make sure everything is taking place according to your timeline and under your designated budget. Keep calm throughout the process and make your new workplace something to look forward to for everyone.

Happy Office Moving!

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