timeline for moving to a new home

It always feels good and exciting to be moving to a new home. But with a new residence comes duties and planning. When moving to a new place, you need to do some preparations and loads of homework. Essentially, you have to create a timeline that you can follow easily. This post explains how to plan a perfect timeline for moving to a new home.

Eight Weeks in Advance: Make a List of Items Move & Discard

One mistake which most people make is to prepare very late. This not only makes the process inefficient but also error-prone. You’ll realize that you have missed items or goods after you’ve moved. Therefore, you have to prepare at least eight weeks in advance.

You’ll not be taking everything with you. So, start by making a list of what you want to move and what to discard. It will also help you decide what new items you need to buy.

Six Weeks: Sort the Goods

Six weeks ahead of the moving date, you need to sort through your household goods. Keep the items you’ll be taking in one corner and the others in the opposite corner. Again, you can sort through the items and find ones you can take to the thrift shop and sell. Here is a list of things that sell at good rates at a thrift shop. Many people underestimate how much time it’ll take. So, devote a reasonable amount of time to sorting.

Four Weeks: Start Packing and Book a Mover Service

Four weeks in advance, you need to start packing. Start with your most important and sensitive things like tables, chairs, wardrobes, and things along those lines. Then as you get closer to your moving date, start packing the rest of the items.

You should leave no more than 20% of your items for the last week. Until then, you need to live with 20% of your goods.

It’s also important to book a packing and moving service well in advance. It would help you fetch a lower rate and can ensure availability. Immediate bookings often have higher charges for the services.

Two Weeks: Make Special Arrangements for Valuables and Pets

With two weeks remaining, you should plan for your valuables and pets, if you have any. Valuables include all your valuable items. Are you comfortable with the packers and movers handling such items?

Also, how do you plan for pets? If you’re moving long-distance, then it’s not advised to transport them inside the truck. Consulting with the company should help you decide in this regard.

One Week: Recheck and Confirm

No matter how well-planned something is, there will always be some errors. So in the last week, your job is to look for these errors and fix them. Check if you’re missing any items that you shouldn’t. Review the paperwork and contracts. Only move after you’re confirmed everything and have ticked all boxes.

With globalization, more people are moving to a new place because of their job. When the time comes to relocate, you should work with an experienced mover and packer in your area. Always request quotes from different companies and work with the one that suits your budget.

Finding Help with Moving Professionals

We hope you found this blog post Planning a Perfect Timeline for Moving to a New Home useful. Be sure to check out our post The Moving Checklist For Organizing The Entire Move for more great tips!


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