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Japan and Scandinavia seem to have very little in common. But when it comes to interior design, you’d be surprised just how similar they are!

Enter Japandi, a new trend that has successfully managed to blend the best of both worlds. Japandi is steadily gaining popularity, and households around the globe are applying it with ease and enthusiasm.

Let’s take a look at its basic principles and how you can incorporate them into your home.

Japandi Basics

Japandi interiors focus on functionality and simple aesthetics. They favor simple and elegant pieces over elaborate and intricate designs.

Minimalism is the main focus of the style. Clean and clutter-free spaces are the goal. There’s a lot of emphasis on natural elements and sustainability, so the materials are often recyclable and completely natural.

If you prefer a more vibrant space where a whole lot is going on, you like to display all kinds of trinkets on your shelves, and you like the room to feel interesting, Japandi is not the style for you.

However, if you’re looking for a minimalistic interior design that feels open and airy, give the following tips a whirl.

Contrast with Color

Japandi style

Japandi favors a contrasting effect achieved with the use of colors. If you’re looking for a proper Japandi color scheme, go for black, white, and light-colored wood.

You’re going for a monochromatic room and bringing some of those natural elements in with a touch of wood. The lightness enters with the use of white, and the wood itself should be light to lend that feeling of openness. Dark woods, on the other hand, evoke a more luxurious feel.

Choose Impactful Statement Pieces

Since we’re talking about minimalism here, there isn’t much room left for decor. However, you have the option of introducing some statement pieces to add that extra layer to a space.

Your goal should be to use natural elements yet again. Plants are always a great choice, or you can do sculptures made from natural materials. Gallery walls are also an option, especially if you choose black frames and black-and-white prints.

You Are Allowed to Be Comfortable

The style emphasizes clean lines and as little clutter as possible, but that doesn’t mean it should be rigid and sterile. You still want to feel comfortable in your home.

For starters, you’ll want to invest in a great mattress. Your choice won’t impact the interior itself, and as long as you keep your selection of bedding minimal and in line with Japandi aesthetics (clean, crisp, bright), your bedroom won’t clash with the rest of the space.

You can also go for mats, rugs, throws, and pillows, still focusing on natural materials and neutral tones. You don’t have to use too many of these comfy accessories – just enough to add a bit of extra coziness without impacting the Japandi vibe.

Add a Personal Touch

Another Japandi element is personalization. Ideally, you will bring in elements that are unique to you, and that may not be seen in other Japandi apartments. These could include a piece of art you got at a local market, an herb garden you are growing, or a family heirloom that’s been with you for generations.

Of course, if your personality is reflected through your collection of bunnies in every shape imaginable, from stuffed animals to porcelain dolls, you might want to hold back a bit. Display only the objects that are in line with the clean, minimal, and natural principles of Japandi.

Overcoming Barriers

Finally, you might find that you are more Scandi than Japanese, or vice versa. Or, you might want to limit the Japandi only to one area of your home.

Don’t feel pressured to adhere to every single principle the proponents of the style are advocating. You are allowed to experiment, mix and match, and come up with your unique blend.

For instance, while Japanese interior design is more about the contrast of dark and light, Scandi also incorporates plenty of pastels. If this is a bit of you, don’t be afraid to embrace your personal expression of Japandi. Take what you like from both styles, and come up with your own decorative theme.

Final Thoughts

Take a look at some popular Japandi design suggestions online (Pinterest is always your best ally). Try imagining yourself living in such a space 24/7. While the clean edges and the contrast of light and dark are certainly a soothing option, you may be looking for more warmth in your own home. In that case, you might want to go a bit more Scandi and a bit less Japanese.

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