From time to time, your kitchen needs a little TLC. It’s not because it is dirty or unsanitary; it just needs a little extra attention. If you are like most people, you probably don’t have much of a clue on how to keep your kitchen organized and tidy. 

From the lack of storage space in your kitchens to the crazy-busy schedules of most people today, keeping things under control has become almost impossible for us. Thankfully, there are some easy and simple ways that anyone can implement to keep the germs out and the crumbs at bay with these kitchen cleaning tips.

Put your dirty dishes in the dishwasher immediately after use

The moment you step inside your kitchen, you probably drop a load of dirty dishes onto the counter. This could be cups containing coffee or even plates with leftover food. We all make messes in the kitchen, and none of us really think of cleaning them up as quickly as possible. 

Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Nonetheless, if you don’t clean your dishes immediately, then they will only get messier as the day progresses. If you have a dishwasher, then you are lucky enough to not have to mess around with cleaning these dishes. But if you don’t have one in your kitchen, then you will have to clean up these dishes right away.

If you have a very small sink, then you might be able to put them in a large pot and wash them later. But that would take too long and be too complicated.

Keep a mop and bucket handy

There are many kitchen implements out there that could benefit from good washing. If you have a mop bucket and sponge next to your sink, then you will be ready to clean almost anything that comes your way. Have a long sponge, a short one, and a mop handy so that you can clean your stovetop, sink, cutting boards, and more. 

Make sure all of your kitchen tools are dry before storage

Many people are guilty of forgetting to dry their tools before storing them. This will cause them to get rusty and cause a lot of trouble when using them. If you have a toolbox in your kitchen, then make sure that all of your tools are completely dry before you put them in it. This can be a demanding task if you are a busy person who has a hectic schedule. There are many ways to tackle this problem:

  • You can use a dish rack over your sink and put all of your tools on it. 
  • You can also place them on a piece of paper and put them in direct sunlight. 

Use these 3 easy steps to make your oven shine again

There’s no shame in using an old trick to keep your oven looking new. Simply place a pot in your oven and heat it up to 400F. This will help to burn off any food that has accumulated in it. Make sure you clean all the crumbs off the outside of your oven door so that they do not get stuck back in there and cause problems for the next person who uses it.

Next, clean the inside of your oven with a mixture of one cup of vinegar and one cup of water. You can use a sponge or a scrubby to clean the inside of your oven. Take care not to spill the solution onto the floor because it is acidic and will corrode flooring.

We hope you found this blog post on Kitchen Cleaning Tips That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier useful. Be sure to check out our post on The Best Kitchen Storage Ideas for an Organized Kitchen for more great tips!

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