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Not everyone has a sprawling farmhouse kitchen. In fact, most of us have limited real estate when it comes to kitchen counters and cabinets! However, the good news is that your small kitchen can be converted into a smart and spacious cooking space with just a few tips and tricks.

How to Maximize Storage in a Small Kitchen

When space is a premium, every inch counts! From unique solutions when it comes to cabinets, to cleverly utilizing wall space, and ‘nestling’ glasses and utensils, (yes, that’s a thing!) we can help you squeeze out a few more inches.

These 10 handy tips are geared to help you turn your tiny kitchen into a prime space you’d want to create gourmet meals in:

Tip 1 – Use Your Walls

You’d be amazed at how much your walls can hold.

  • Hang a pegboard for flexible storage space. Use a simple hardboard pegboard or have one custom-made to match your kitchen decor.
  • Put some shelves or hooks up. Almost anything in your kitchen can be hung from a wall!
  • Don’t limit yourself to just the obvious walls. Instead, use the side of a cabinet to put up a spice rack. Put a magnetic knife holder on the side of your fridge, or hang your utensils above your stovetop.

Keep these tips in mind when you look at your kitchen walls and you’ll soon see how much space you actually have!

Tip 2 – Nestle!

As strange as this sounds, if you store items to ‘nestle’ into one another, you’ll save stacks of space. Nestle cutlery together and it will take up a lot less space.

Likewise, for wine glasses – pack them with one upside down and the next right way up and keep going. You’ll fit many more in this way.

Tip 3 – If it’s Flat, Don’t Stack it

Have you been storing flat items like trays, serving boards, and cutting boards horizontally? Later, you end up removing the entire pile to get to the bottom item. Consider storing them vertically and use the space next to them for other items. You’ll save space and make it more accessible!

Tip 4- Build a Bench

A built-in bench uses up a lot less space than an ordinary kitchen table and chairs. It could even serve a dual purpose and be used for extra storage space underneath.

Tip 5 – Bring on the Baskets and Bins

There is usually ample unused space on top of cabinets or the refrigerator, but packing things up there can look messy. Double-up on pantry space by storing bulk items like flour or sugar in attractive storage bins.

Invest in stylish baskets and pack similar items together in each one before storing it up there. This could be condiments, extra cutlery, or even recipe books – whatever you don’t have space for!

Tip 6 – Make the Most of Magnets

Magnets can be super useful when it comes to maximizing storage space in small kitchens. In fact, they can be used to store spice bottles or other items that are not too heavy underneath shelves.

Tip 7 – Invest in a Hollow Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is great way to utilize space in the middle of your kitchen floor that would ordinarily be wasted. It gives you valuable additional surface space where you can prep ingredients and meals.

Double up on this space by choosing a hollow island. Likewise, this is an ideal storage space for all kinds of things like cookbooks and small appliances like waffle makers and blenders.

Tip 8 – Use Your Cabinet Doors

The insides of kitchen cabinets are some of the most under-used areas in most kitchens. There are many smart ways to make use of this additional storage space. It’s perfect for pot lids, measuring cups and spoons, plastic bags, cutting boards, and kitchen wrap.

Tip 9 – Add Shelf Risers

Shelf risers are great for cabinets, on counters, or even on shelves on the wall. Whatever space you have, you can double-up on it with these nifty little things!

Tip 10 – Put a Utility Cart to Work

Utility carts are perfect to store pots and pans, even heavy cast iron cookware like the utensils at Invest in one on wheels so it can be easily pushed out of the way and pulled to where you’re working and need it. It can even be used to store ingredients use every day.

Level up Your Kitchen Experience

With this handy guide on how to maximize space when your kitchen is not very spacious, you’ll soon have enough space to take your kitchen adventures to the next level.

We hope you found this blog post on Small Kitchen Storage Tips and Tricks useful. Be sure to check out our post on The Best Kitchen Storage Ideas for an Organized Kitchen for more great tips!


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