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Kitchen Safety Tips

Even though your home feels like the safest place on earth, that isn’t always true. Namely, accidents happen and they happen everywhere. The kitchen is one of the spaces in your home where you can experience several different accidents. However, it’s possible to avoid any unwanted scenario and use your kitchen safely. Here is how you can improve your kitchen safety.

Prevent Burns and Fire

Since you mainly use the kitchen for cooking, it’s not surprising that one of the main issues you need to prevent is a fire. Luckily, there are ways to this successfully. For instance, you should install a sprinkler system. This tool, as well as a fire distinguisher, is your go-to.

Another thing you should do is keep the hooks for mitts, potholders, and aprons far from the stove since these things can catch a flame. The last thing that will help you prevent a fire is an outlet located correctly, following the safety codes.

Choose the Right Appliances

Whatever you do to prevent fires might be completely useless if you’re using the wrong appliances, or if you’re using them in a wrong way. Every appliance you use needs to be tested and approved by an electrician before you use them on your own.

Make sure to plug the appliances directly into the wall and prevent overloading a circuit. Finally, all of the appliances should have child-lock safety features. That way, you’ll be sure that no kids will insert flammable items in the oven when you’re not there.

Protect From Slips And Falls

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Fires aren’t the only accidents that happen in a kitchen. Liquids get spilled all the time, without you even noticing. With a slip-resistant floor, you further decrease the chances of slipping. Marble is not a good option for this, but wood, slate, rubber, and cork are amazing.

Another praise-worthy idea is getting an ergonomic anti fatigue mat. These are great if you don’t plan to change the flooring but you do want to achieve high levels of safety. Make sure to place them in front of a sink and any other place where you tend to spill water and other liquids.

Reduce the Risk Of Cuts

Caution is the thing that saves your head everywhere, not just in the kitchen. When it comes to the kitchen, though, you need to be very careful when using a knife. However, some products will help you be more careful.

For instance, there are slots where you can safely store knives, instead of getting them from a drawer and risking to get cut. You can also get some plastic dishes for your kids to help them avoid cuts when accidentally breaking dishes and glasses.

Increase Storage Capacity

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Speaking of slots for knives, it’s safe to conclude that good storage space can help you save your head. Make sure to have enough drawers and cabinets to place everything you don’t use daily.

Keep the sharp gadgets in a separate drawer. For instance, knives, blades, cutters, and other similar items shouldn’t be placed with other, less harmful, things.

Improve the Lighting

To be safe in a kitchen, you need to have it properly lit. You can’t function well or be focused unless you see what you’re looking at and what you’re doing. Make sure to include as much natural light as possible into the kitchen.

For overall light, it’s best to have ceiling lighting. When you need to illuminate a particular object, you should have a display or targeted lighting. This is best achieved with a large chandelier fixture over the dining table, for example. Make sure to place the lights in such a way to avoid the annoying shadows.

Expect the Unexpected

When being in a kitchen, don’t forget your surroundings for a second. Even though cooking seems harmless, things can easily go wrong. Just a second of your carelessness can lead to a tragedy.

No matter how much you secure the space, you still are the one in control of the kitchen. You and your family should know the risk and pay extra attention to prevent any undesired situation. Keep your eyes wide open and make sure to act quickly and strategically, if something bad happens.


The kitchen is the space where you prepare food for your whole family. You spend time there trying to make something nice and you shouldn’t neglect your safety, even for a second there. With these tips, you’ll reduce the risk to the minimum.

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