While the kitchen can be your favorite spot in the house, to your little ones, it is one of the most dangerous places. Regardless of the unique kitchen design or expensive appliances, you have there, dangers such as cuts, burns, and falls are still prevalent, especially for the children. So, how do you protect your baby from hot surfaces and sharp objects in the kitchen? Baby-proofing your kitchen is the answer to this. Here are five simple ways to make your kitchen baby proof.

Kitchen Baby Proof

Your Baby’s Safety

Cases of children turning on the stove when you leave them unattended for just a few seconds isn’t new. According to the Centers for Disease Prevention, over 300 children end up in emergency rooms for burn injuries. Stoves are the most common causes of these injuries. Even when they are off, ensure the handles are away from your baby’s reach.

Ensure the Safety of Your Stove

Your Stove

If you have those stoves with knobs facing the front, you should ensure you can cover them or just remove the knob when you’re not using them. Also, ensure you get an oven lock so that your baby doesn’t pull the door open when you’re not watching. If your stoves are on, ensure you don’t leave them unattended with your little ones around. There are even cases of your kitchen curtains catching fire and spreading to the entire house.  

Keep Dangerous Items Out of Reach

Kids are fond of reaching out for things to play with or just out of curiosity. They will even climb the most dangerous places to try and pull out something. Adopt the habit of keeping sharp and dangerous objects far away from their reach. Those sharp objects, cleaning chemicals, and spices can pose too much danger for your little ones. You need to put them on the highest part of your kitchen cabinets so that they don’t reach. Ensure there is nothing at the edge of the counters or on the kitchen table because these can motivate them to climb and pull.

Unplug Your Electric Appliances

When you’re not using things such as a blender, microwave, coffee maker, or the tea kettles, always ensure they are unplugged from the socket. Leaving them open can be a big security threat to your little ones. Imagine your baby trying to put those little hands inside a blender, and it suddenly starts running. Once you finish blending your juice or toasting your bread, don’t forget to unplug the kitchen appliances and store them far away from your baby’s reach. Make sure you also fold the cables so that they don’t pull the loose ones and end up getting strangled.

Keep the Floors Clean and Dry

Floors Clean

A wet floor is not only a hazard to your little ones, but you as well. For your babies, it’s even more dangerous as they will not watch where they are stepping. Water and liquid spillage on the floors are unavoidable, but you can make a habit of drying them as soon as they spill. Don’t wait until you finish what you’re doing before drying because you don’t know when the baby will walk or scroll in.

Remove any objects that can cause fall accidents from the floor and work on your kitchen lighting so that your baby doesn’t step on things because of the dim light. Always keep the floor clean and have some kitchen rugs to help with the slippery floor. Make a habit of cleaning your kitchen daily to keep it free of germs and falling objects. Don’t forget to get your little ones appropriate baby walking shoes so that they won’t slip or step on sharp objects.

Baby Proof the Dishwasher

The dishwasher gives your little ones instant access to several things, including sharp objects, detergents, and kitchen utensils that break easily. You should, therefore, not forget to baby proof it to keep your little ones from danger. Baby proofing your dishwasher takes many forms.

If you must put sharp objects inside the dishwasher, make sure they face downwards to avoid cuts in case your little one tries to reach them. Remove knives, forks as well as breakable items as soon as they’re washed. You can also consider washing the sharp and breakable items by hand.

Children love to play with the buttons of the dishwasher, and the only way to keep them away is to keep it covered. You can also secure them tightly with tape to deter the child from playing with them. Alternatively, you can find a child’s lock for the dishwasher.


There are several safety hazards in the kitchen for your little ones, but the good news is that you can address all of them with these simple safety tips. Don’t be afraid to cook with your little one as long as your kitchen is completely baby proof. So, have your baby-proofed your kitchen? Share with us some of your kitchen ideas and that ensure total safety for your baby.

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