Math in Interior Designing

Many students see math as a subject you do not need in your life. Nor in your career, unless it is in computer science, construction, or finance. But many fail to see the great advantages learning math comes with, even for fields that seem unrelated to it. Math is in every subject, math is in every field, math is everywhere. We can see examples of it in nature, but also use its concepts to create music, art, or interior designs.

You may wonder what is the connection between math and all these artistic fields. Well, to become a great interior designer, you do not only need creativity and architecture knowledge, but also math. These skills are essential to succeed in this domain. So why is it important to learn math and how to use these skills in interior design?

Math Basics

Even though you do not need to know advanced math concepts in interior design, some of them are extremely relevant to this field. You might already know that you need to study interior design or a subject related to it, graduate, and then pass some tests to be able to get projects and earn your money. The tests you need to pass include knowledge in many fields, including math.

As an interior designer, you do not only need to come up with creative methods of using the space but also with the right measurements for the furniture and accessories. For example, you might need to know how to determine the width and height of staircases. And you need math knowledge to be able to do it.

Math is a subject studied in many fields as it is of utter importance for them all. Many students feel overwhelmed by the requirements of math professors, especially when they are studying creative subjects. Math is complex and demanding, but it helps you improve your spatial and logical reasoning, making your mind sharper. Many students feel they need help with their math assignments, as they might fail to understand the requirements. It is essential to not avoid this obstacle, but to get the help you need to understand and be successful at it. You can hire math assignment solver to guide you through complex math concepts and develop your critical thinking and concrete reasoning. It might seem that they are not connected in any way with interior design, but they actually help you think clearly and creatively.

Proper Measurements

As mentioned above, interior designing is not only about knowing what colors go well together or how to create a nice contrast in a room. Interior designing is about all the elements that make a room, from the wall colors to the furniture, plants, and accessories you add. It is therefore essential, as an interior designer, to be able to do proper measurements of the room and the elements you want to add.

Even though they go well together, if you do not correctly measure, the final design might look awkward. Learning math in interior design becomes essential, as it helps you reproduce your sketch in real life and meet the expectations of your clients. Not doing the measurements properly leads to you losing money and maybe clients or your reputation.

Understanding and Creating Blueprints

Part of your tasks as an interior designer is to approximate and place correctly all the elements of the room. Apart from furniture and plants, you need to know where to place the wall sockets, windows, doors, and so on. Your projects will be distinct and you may work on creating the interior design of an apartment or a house. So, you need to understand the blueprints created by the whole team that works on this project.

There will be architects, engineers, and electricians you will work with, so you need to know how to communicate with them effectively and clearly. Math helps you understand the blueprint of the house and all the aspects of a step. You need math skills to create a nice interior design with the specifications you want, especially as there is much architecture knowledge involved in the planning process.

Sticking to Budgets

One of the most crucial things you will need to do as an interior designer is to stick to the budget you have available. Even though some clients might be willing and open to extending it, many of them would like to have a nice and creative interior design that sticks to their budget.

So, you do not only need to know how to create a nice contrast in a room, measure the width and height of stairs, or measure the space and read the blueprint. You also need to have accounting skills that help you approximate the costs and choose the best quality at the most advantageous price. And math skills are at the core of the accounting skills you need as an interior designer.

Final Thoughts

Not everyone thinks about the connection between math and our everyday life. It is so deeply connected with creative fields too, not only with computer science or technology. Math is needed in interior designing too, as it helps you stick with the set budget, understand and create blueprints, and do proper measurements.

Many students would rather run away from math than learn it, but it actually helps you develop your creative thinking. By learning math, you improve your spatial and logical reasoning, but also your critical thinking. This makes you think clearly and logically, which helps you solve the problems and issues that might arise and come up with creative solutions.

Bio lines: Clifford Cullens is a content writer and blogger. He is passionate about the connection between math and creativity. You can often find him reading self-development books.

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