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Long distance moves, if not planned correctly can be stressful and can a take on your emotional, physical and mental health. You’ll need to practically move your entire life from one place to the other. Therefore, you’ll need to do a lot more than just pack the essentials and be on your way. Here is a Long Distance Moving Checklist for you that’s easy to follow.

If you want your long distance moving to be made simple and easy, here are a couple of things you need to start doing.

3 Months Before Moving

The thought of moving long distances can overwhelm you, and this is especially true for those who haven’t taken out the time to plan ahead and well in advance. However, if you do sit down with your family and make it a point to plan everything out thoroughly, you’ll be able to get the move done without much hassle.

If you’re going to be moving long distances, you need to ensure that you start planning as soon as possible. Once you have a heads up from your new home and know the exact date when you’ll be moving, follow these long distance moving tips.

  • Determine Your Moving Budget

Moving isn’t inexpensive or easy. You will not just be paying the rent for the truck that’s moving your essentials, but you need to have sufficient funds for boxes and packaging materials. So, make sure you know your moving budget. Then, you won’t surprised when your daughter keeps asking you for more money for the duct tape.

  • Research Moving Companies

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that you’ll be able to get your things to the distant location on your own. It’s always a smart idea to do your research and ask professional movers for help and do this well before you’re set to move.

Search moving companies that serve your location and then pick one according to their experience, and reputation. If you’re lucky, you can even find a company that’ll not just provide transport but also assists in packing your things as well.

  • Donate as Much as Possible

As a general rule, you should donate anything that you haven’t worn for the last 1 year or items which aren’t close to you. You did have the luxury to hoard things when you had a home in one place, but now that you’re moving, every inch of space on the moving truck is essential and paid for. So, don’t waste that space on things you wouldn’t want in your new home or life.

  • Complete Preparations for Your New Home

It is a bad idea to paint your walls after you’ve made the big move and are living in your new home. Experts recommend that you save yourself a lot of hassle and get things done like painting, plumbing, and electricity before you move in. This way, you won’t need to worry about a thing after you’re tired of traveling for a long time.

2 Months before Moving

Once you’ve decided the professionals that’ll be moving your essentials with you and know the budget you’ll be working with, you need to start planning your move step-by-step. Here are a few things you should start doing 2 months before the grand move.

  • Divide Items & Inventory

After you’ve decided on the items you want to donate, sell or keep, you need to start dividing the things you’re going to take with you. The division should be regarding clothes, décor, furniture, kitchen items and miscellaneous. It is also a good idea to make a list of the things under each of these categories so you can check them off when you’re moving. Make sure you don’t leave this for the 11th hour because the sooner things are done, the better for you.

  • Buy Packaging Materials

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you’ll need to buy packaging materials when you’re actually packing because that’ll give you a lot of hassle. Instead, decide what you need and buy in advance, so everything is planned out smoothly. If you’ve decided on a moving company for packing the items, then you can skip this step. They’ll take care of everything and bring all the material with them.

  • Map Out Your New Home

Have your family visit the new home with you well before the move so you can decide which items to put where. Instead of making a mess of things at the last minute, map out the floor plan and know where the furniture will go ahead of time. This won’t just give you enough time to plan your perfect setting but will also save you a lot of hassle.

  • Set Aside Items You will Use during the Move

Closer to the moving date, you need to set aside the things or clothes you’ll be using during the final days of your stay at your home. These items can go in last when you’re done with the packing, but you need to make sure that you have everything packed and ready to go.

2 Weeks Before Moving

Now That you’re done with everything else, you need to get serious about moving and actually start packing. This section also includes the things you’ll need to do a day or two before the actual move so make sure you consult it.

  • Start Packing

Experts recommend that if you have a lot of stuff to move, you need to start doing it 2-3 weeks earlier. This will give you enough time to package safely and securely and save you from worrying and stress as well. Make sure you wrap fragile items especially carefully because long distance moves can prove to be strenuous even for glassware.

  • Mark and Color Code Boxes

If you don’t want to go through each box to find your son’s favorite comic book, you need to mark and color code each of your boxes. Don’t just label them as ‘kid’s room’ ‘kitchen’ and ‘bathroom’ but instead specify things you have placed inside like ‘bed sheets,’ ‘décor’ etc. This will make it a lot easier for you to find things when you’ve moved.

  • Prepare Your Survival Guide

Once you have your things in order, you need to prepare yourself and your family for the trip. Check if your car is properly functional and has the oil, water necessary and take things like water, food and appropriate clothes with you. Things like these can be ignored last minute, but if you make it a point to make a list, you’ll remember it.

  • Keep Your Essentials with You

Finally, you can’t expect to enter your new home and open the packaged boxes because you’ll need time to settle in. So, make a handy box of essentials that you’ll need when you reach your new home and keep it with you. That way, you don’t have to go through the ones that the moving company NYC bought it.

Moving can be challenging and tough, especially when it is long distance. But if you trust the experts, they’ll be able to take you a long way and help you through the process.

Finding Help with Moving Professionals

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