Check Out Landscaping Ideas for Your Home

lanscape ideas for your home

A yard that stays beautiful year-round with little maintenance is every homeowner’s dream. But that dream is only possible if you decide to decorate your yard with only rocks and cacti. However, a low-maintenance yard is a possibility, even in Austin’s challenging and harsh weather. 

With a little preparation and planning, you can create a landscape that is beautiful and functional and requires minimum money and time for maintenance. 

The first thing you need to remember is that keeping it simple is in your best interest. Anything more complex and intricate will need additional maintenance. Therefore, if you are dreaming about intricate rock-work or a fence line for separate plantation beds, it would only mean additional work for you. While elaborate planting is the easiest way to make the landscape look breathtakingly beautiful, it requires a lot of attention for its upkeep. 

Therefore, you should keep a few principles in mind when planning and designing your landscape layout. We will also discuss some more tips to help you make a low-maintenance landscape in Austin. 

1. Bed your trees together 

It may seem like a good idea to plant your trees far apart to make them look naturally scattered, but that just increases the maintenance work. Because when trees are planted wide apart, you will need to mow and edge around their trunks separately. Similarly, raking the tree leaves and pruning the branches will also take up a lot of time. So if you are planning to plant trees in your yard, consult with the local tree care Austin TX service provider regarding tree health recommendations and plant them close together. And if your lawn has several trees growing close to each other, create a big bed around them. You can also put all the dead leaves in that bed as natural mulch. 

2. Group plants strategically 

A scattered plantation may seem aesthetically pleasing, but it only increases the maintenance work. Therefore, focus on keeping plants that require similar care in the same place. Doing so will reduce the maintenance work drastically. And even if you want to plant high-maintenance plants, shrubs, flowers, and trees, plant them closer to your home so that their beauty justifies the added maintenance work.  A great beauty to add near your home can be cream rose bushes or pansies.

3. Plant less further out you go 

Keep the dense and high-maintenance plantation near your home for the element of added beauty. However, the further away you move from your home, your landscaping doesn’t need as much dense plantation. For such areas, make designs that require little maintenance. Because the focus of your design should be on the areas you are more likely to spend time in. Those areas deserve the most of your time, money, and effort you spend on their upkeep and maintenance. 

4. Make big round beds

Just like the trees, combining several smaller beds into one large bed can reduce the time you spend mowing. Make sweeping designs and avoid sharp edges because they are easier to maintain and more pleasant to the eye. 

5. Try clover instead of grass

We all want a lush landscape full of grass and other shrubberies. But grass can easily dry and whither in the harsh Austin weather. So instead of grass, you can also plant clover.

Clover has become a popular alternative for grass because it needs very little water to stay green and fresh. Moreover, you won’t need to mow it as much as grass, and little maintenance can go long. A bed of clover also remains free of weed, so you won’t have to spend time picking weed to make it look fresh and maintained. If you have any pets, then grass can get discolored from pet urine rather quickly, but that is not a problem with clover. It is improves the soil condition of your yard and is soft to walk on, which will be beneficial for other plants and landscape maintenance. Not only that, but when little flowers bloom on clover, they can offer a pleasing touch. 

6. Add a rock garden 

We did make a joke about making a rock garden, but it’s not a bad idea if you think about it. A landscape is not all about planting as many trees, flowers, and shrubberies as possible. It is about finding the right balance between different natural elements to make it look beautiful. So among all the green, a rock garden with gravel, pebbles, or even sea glass will look beautiful. And the best thing is that you don’t have to worry about its maintenance. 

You can use rocks and pebbles to outline and accentuate the different types of decorative figures in the yard. For example, you can make a rock bed around succulents or outline the birdbath with sea glass. You can also place boulders strategically to add a dramatic touch. 

7. Plant drought-resistant perennials

The challenging weather of Austin can cause many issues for people who want to maintain a lush landscape all year round. But to overcome that issue, you can consider planting drought-resistant perennials that require very little maintenance and watering. You can choose from lavender, rock cress, foxglove, and ice plants. To keep them fresh for an extended time, plant your perennials on loose soil that has the ability to drain properly and use fertilizer in case you see any brown or faded spots. 

8. Hardscaping 

The lowest form of maintenance is when you can just sweep the area and be done with it. But that is generally not possible with any kind of plantation. So if you really want to reduce the maintenance work, consider hardscaping. 

Not only is hardscaping convenient and easy to maintain, but it also makes for an easy place to lounge and relax. For this purpose, you can create a patio with bricks, pavers, or smooth stones. You can also use bricks or smooth stones to create a pathway from your house to the landscape or just lay down a gravel bed. Decorate the area with outdoor furniture and decorative pieces for an aesthetic touch. 


No one wants to spend hours every day on maintaining a yard. But the right landscaping method won’t require as much maintenance and attention from you. Therefore, carefully plan the design, area, and the type of plantation you want to keep in your yard. Pay attention to small details like how these plants can resist the harsh climate of Austin. Because once you see your careful planning bearing fruit, you will be spending most of your time outside enjoying the landscape instead of maintaining it.

We hope you found this blog post on Low-Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for Your Austin Home useful. Be sure to check out our post on How to Revive Lawn After You Bought a New House for more great tips!

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