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Buying a new house and adding your personal touch to turn it into your own home is always an exciting process. There are various things you can and should modify in order to upgrade your living standards, especially when you are already moving. One of the most important advantages of living in a house over an apartment is having that ultimate freedom of space in the form of a backyard and/or a garden. Everyone knows just how satisfying the smell of freshly cut grass is, but if you want to really enjoy it, you’ll need to put in some effort to reach that goal. Here are some ways to revive lawn in a new home.

Reviving a Lawn After Buying a New House:

Assess the Current State

You have just bought a house which has the opportunity to become your dream home, and there is a large yard area, just as you have always imagined it to have. But what if your new lawn doesn’t look all green and shiny? No matter the reason for the neglected lawn, whether the previous owners simply didn’t appreciate it enough, had enough time to dedicate to maintaining it fresh and healthy, or the house was empty for some time, in order to do correct damage control, you will need to evaluate the exact state and problems of the lawn.

Some of the most common issues found in lawns are irregular bare areas, bentgrass, red threads, mildew and rust. There are various approaches to fixing these issues, and to establish what is the best for your lawn, you will need to take some distinctive factors in consideration, such as overall climate, the portion of lawn which is constantly in shade, quality and structure of soil etc. This will help you identify the main reason behind the problem you are to be dealing with.

For example, if you have noticed a perennial weed with broad leaves growing, it is a direct indication the soil beneath is very compact, and you will know which products to use. Some other potential causes of your problems are moss, grubs, various fungal organisms, beetles, billbugs and so on. You may even want to consult an expert to help you in this step, for the best results. You will also need to choose between a cool and a warm-season type of grass for your lawn, having all the pros and cons in mind for your specific region. After all this consideration, it is the perfect moment to create a plan and organize your priorities and tasks.

You should hire lawn care experts to evaluate the current state of your lawn. They have the knowledge and experience to accurately diagnose issues affecting your lawn. Whether it’s pests, diseases, nutrient deficiencies, or soil compaction, they can identify the underlying problems and recommend appropriate solutions.

Site Preparation

Sometimes the best thing to do is to start from scratch, especially if more than half of your lawn seems damaged. The more effort and time you put into the preparation process, the easier and more consistent will be the later stages of the revival. So if you have weed patches to remove, this should be the first step in the ground preparation. Not only you will need to remove all the weeds and existing grass, but any kind of debris, rocks and anything similar as well. This is the most proactive step you can take, as it will allow for precise soil tests on several lawn locations, in order to make sure you don’t have to combine several types of seeds, for example. Debris and pieces of wood can sink and further create problems in deeper levels, which will impact the development of roots.

Another crucial aspect of testing your soil will show you the optimal levels of water for it, as poor drainage and logging can negatively impact the seeds. This is the most common reason for various types of fungi and other diseases setting in the soil, and that is the kind of problem that turns out to be permanent. In such cases, you will need a creative landscaping approach. Remember to dig deeply and thoroughly, as it is extremely important to remove all the roots of perennial weeds! They can spread quite rapidly, and be invasive and persistent, as most of them have exploding seed capsules. It is highly recommended to do this step on a dry day in the early morning, and leave them on the surface for several hours to dry out.

Even if you have only done this on some parts of your lawn, the process for the rest is the same, except you must be particularly careful if you are trying to save grass and only remove the weeds. You could spray some herbicides to treat the areas with weeds, and leave it at least a week to kill any unwanted plant life. How about the pH levels and nutrients found in the soil? Perhaps that was the reason for the previous state of the lawn, and you can highly increase the lawn’s potential by adding just the right organic fertilizers. You can find many products which will encourage the root structure, and if using those, now is the time to apply them.

And then it comes the raking, leveling and final preparations before planting the seeds into the soil. Calculate the duration of all the preparation steps and put that period into the equation when deciding when to start with the revival! There is no single set of rules when exactly to do this, because it depends on different types of climates. But in general, for moderate ones, seeding a lawn is best if done in the fall, approximately six to seven weeks before the first estimated frost. Another option is very early in the spring. Make an informed decision based on the combination of climate and wanted grass type.

Planting the Seeds

Once you have decided which grass is the perfect choice for your lawn and leveled up the area, you ought to measure the number of seeds needed. There are various measurement tools you can find online to calculate this, or you can simply ask a professional at a store you are buying your seeds at. For the best results, it is highly recommended to plant one row in one direction, and the next one in the opposite. Hand seeding will be fine for smaller areas, but for larger ones, you will probably need a seeder. If using one, make sure the seed distribution is right! Fertilizers and mulch should be applied after the seeds are planted. Lightly rake the surface afterward, or if you have a roller, you can use that option. Mulch will protect the seeds from direct sunlight and prevent heavy rain washing it away.

Quality Irrigation System

Watering the seeds is just as essential as the preparation of soil to revive lawn. It is crucial because it will determine root growth. During the first period, you ought to irrigate the lawn more frequently, but with smaller water quantities. This should gradually be replaced with an increase in quantity and a decrease in frequency. The soil should constantly be moist, but never too wet or soaked. The roots need to take hold and you can occasionally check that by trying to pull them out, very gently and not actually doing so. There are several systems you can use when it comes to regular irrigation of your new lawn.

Of course, you can manually water your lawn with a hose, but it is debatable whether the water will be distributed equally everywhere. For this reason, which is especially important during the first stage of growing and roots development, using a lawn sprinkler on it is no doubt a better solution. Water is life, and caring about your lawn means regularly watering it. Twice a day should be enough, but don’t follow any specific rules, but rather check every once in a while and adapt the irrigation levels to the needs of that specific soil. It will depend on various factors, such as which parts are more in a shade or if a portion of it is on a slope.

Some other qualities, but more expensive versions are permanently built-in systems where you can input the most precise directions for water flow and time management. Depending on the exact system, there might be some other automated options to control, such as taking weather conditions into account.

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Regular Maintenance

Having a perfect lawn to enjoy in is an ongoing process and regular maintenance is as important as all the previous steps combined. Some of the basic tasks you will add to your list are mowing, fertilizing, watering, and aerating, as well as fighting diseases, pests and weeds. Once you get to know your soil and grass type, it will all become routine. Every one of these tasks can be done by hand or by using some tools, and the choice is completely up to you. Many people find yard work calming and beneficial for relaxing, so you can at least try to take care of it yourself.

Moreover, Turfgrass is known to be one of the best possible options to consider when it comes to reviving the lawn. Turfgrass is not only easy to take care of but provides a number of benefits that other grasses simply cannot provide. In fact,  professionals often recommend turfgrass to those who are looking for an easy to care for and durable option. Turfgrass is also known to be one of the most drought-resistant options available, making it a great choice for those living in areas prone to drought.

Some additional tips for the freshest look possible are, for example, to regularly sharpen your mower blade. How often will you need to do so, or even replace the blade, will directly depend on the size of your lawn. Another thing is whether you have a dog spending time in the yard. If you don’t train your dog not to urinate on random spots, you will notice some yellowish and brownish spots amid the beautifully green field. This is because their urine has a high consistency of nitrogen, which will leave traces and degrade the quality of the grass.


The smell of spring in your backyard can be on your list of favorite things to enjoy if you dedicate enough attention to maintenance. You can also have a lot of fun experimenting with some organic DIY fertilizers, for example, all while tracking the results. Like any other plant, grass will grow much healthier if watered properly and with all the necessary nutrients. For some people, nothing says home like a lush and lustrous lawn in the yard, and if you are among them, be sure to follow through with the care. Use search engines for more tips and tricks, and get the thriving results!

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