Corporate Relocation

In some instances, a company is required to station some of their employees in different regions of the country or even other parts of the world. When this happens the employers are responsible for all the expenses that will be incurred during this process.   

Sometimes this is caused by; the expansion of the said company, new projects that require moving around, opening of new branches, or mergers between companies.  

Several costs accompany moving an employee from one location to another, some of them are; 

  • Selling their present settlement or buying a home. 
  • Visa and passport application fees 
  • Transportation of their personal effects 
  • Cultural training
  • Vehicle transportation fees 
  • Rental fee for temporary housing 
  • Childcare planning cost. 

Challenges Of Corporate Relocation  

Several constraints come with moving to an entirely new place for work. The main and major challenges are; emotional turmoil, navigating the cultural differences and adaptation, difficulty plus extra expenses that might come up. 

Emotional Constraints 

It is draining having to deal with the idea of leaving everything you have known and loved to go and start fresh. Some might say it is a chance to begin on a clean slate: adventurous even and it is a good thing, however, the process is not easy one bit, especially when family is involved.   

Attached to you is a family that has a life of their own and moving means changing schools, changing nannies, and other things. Adapting to new routines, coming up with others that fit the way things are moving in the new environment, and forming those new relationships plus making new friends is incredibly hard.  

Other than these, planning is a challenge in of itself, because making sure the transition goes on without a hitch there must be a considerable amount of time and energy invested. This brings us to the fatigue that your body is subjected to in between all the work.  

Breaks are important because there is a thin line separating you from stress and your peace of mind. 

Navigating Cultural Differences 

As the popular saying goes “When you go to Rome, do as the Romans do” meaning that when you visit a foreign place you should conform to their way of life. This may sound easy but it is one of the most challenging things to do while in a different country because having gotten used to your routine, it becomes cumbersome to change.  

Some factors that affect this transition, are;  

  • Language barriers; If a foreign language is used in the new workplace, then communicating what you want or with the people will be a huge problem. This might even slow the process of settling in swiftly. 
  • Social etiquette; Different countries have different customs when it comes to how they behave in different settings. Like in a restaurant or even in their offices. Observing these lifestyle habits appropriately is key. 
  • Religion; People do not share the same religious beliefs as there are a number of these all around the globe. So it becomes tricky when the country or city in question has just one religion that they follow because one would be required to do the same. 
  • Time difference; When the company decides to do an international corporate relocation then there will be a time adjustment. This depends on the time zone it will be under. Getting accustomed to the new time is also quite demanding. Schedules on the calendar would have to align with the new time zone. 

How To Manage The Challenges Of Moving 

As there are challenges that come with relocating to a new place, there are also ways of managing the stress and challenges that come with it. 

It has been established that moving to an entirely new place, environment or country is quite difficult now we discuss ways of making it less stressful. 

1. Start Planning Beforehand 

Planning is the most important step in this whole process because it gives order to how things will run from the start. A good plan will include schedules on the calendar, a detailed packing plan, and more. Doing this will ensure that everything is remembered and organized while loading belongings. This also reduces the anxiety and emotional stress that comes on the last few days before wheels up. 

It is a good idea to include all the people who are going to accompany you. This allows everyone to give their input and add what they would want to bring to the move. 

2. Do Some Extensive Research On the Destination 

Research is a crucial tool needed whenever a move is in question. Doing research will help solve several problems that would significantly affect transition. This answers some questions about the new station one is being moved to. Some of these questions are; about language, time zones, religion, social etiquette, et al. 

3. Study Your Company’s Relocation Packages 

Every company that does corporate relocation has packages that show everything that they are willing to pay for in the move. These packages include; moving company and insurance expenses, temporary housing, transportation, and visa fees. The types of packages are; 

  • Direct billing 
  • Lump sum 
  • Expatriation assistance
  • Reimbursement  
  • Third-party relocation
  • Prepare The Family 

Communicate to your family before the move so they can prepare early. Waiting until the last minute will only make them feel ambushed and this might make the moving process even more hectic.  

It gives everyone time allowance to come to terms with the idea of leaving the previous routine behind and transitioning to another. Children will also get to spend time with friends before leaving. 

4. Take Breaks Regularly 

The whole process of working this out is very stressful and demanding. It is important to space yourself from time to time so as to continue planning with a calm and relaxed mind. This achieves a well-rested mind and body plus things will flow easily after this. 

Final Word 

There are more ways to manage these challenges, sometimes it is just taking a step back and getting back at it. Change is sometimes hard but with a positive ending.  

Relocation may seem hard and draining at first but once you get the hang of it, the transition will be effortless. What’s more, it is healthy to change work environments because it opens new opportunities, and gives growth and experiences. 

We hope you found this blog post on Corporate Relocation: Managing The Challenges of Moving For Work useful. Be sure to check out our post on Finding Office Relocation Vendors for more great tips!

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