Need local movers in Los Angeles? Our Los Angeles moving company can operate on a very short notice throughout the LA area. It doesn’t matter if you are moving from one of the many suburban towns in Orange County to the south, from Pasadena or Flintridge-LaCanada, even from exclusive Malibu, All Around Moving is the answer for a stress-free moving experience by providing you skilled movers in Los Angeles.

From local moving to shipping furniture overseas that requires the use of ocean containers, we make sure your needs are completely met. We specialize in all sizes and scopes of residential, commercial, and international moving from Los Angeles. For instance, we have experience in small college dorms, studio apartments, to 7-bedroom mansions.

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Moving in Los Angeles

The experienced movers can handle any moving job in Los Angeles.  Movers know that those ultra-modern Hollywood style furnishings need protection from nicks and scratches while being moved from your home, apartment or storage unit.  They are also the best at packing or crating with great care the priceless office furniture and files in your Beverly Hills high-rise office, or elsewhere, eliminating any worry or stress.

What other factors distinguish our local and long distance moving services?  We pride ourselves on eliminating the stress from your move by taking all the necessary precautions and plan a head to avoid any loss.

All Around Moving also places no limits on the size of your move -our Los Angeles movers handle relocations both big or small. We are a professional agent for a moving company in Los Angeles to provide with car shipping and piano moving services and are specialists in arranging loading ocean container shipping by handling any international household goods cargo.

Wouldn’t you prefer to know you can trust our registered, experienced movers to handle any details, including making sure you have the proper insurance for your move?  Make All Around Moving your first choice in Los Angles movers.

We currently provide the following counties in the greater LA area with local and long distance moving and international shipping services: Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County, San Diego County and Ventura County.

Before Moving to NYC from California

Moving to New York City from California can be a big adjustment. For one thing, the cost of living is much higher in NYC. Rent is more expensive, and even everyday items like food and clothing cost more. In addition, the pace of life is much faster in NYC. There’s always something going on, and people are always moving around. It can be tough to keep up if you’re not used to it. Finally, the winters are much harsher in NYC than in California. Snow and ice are common, and temperatures often dip below freezing. If you’re moving from LA to NYC, be prepared for some significant changes.

Frequently Asked Questions – Movers in Los Angeles

How much are movers in Los Angeles? 

In Los Angeles, movers often charge between $80 and $120 per hour per mover, or more. So, only for labor, a two-person team working for four hours will cost between $320 and $480. However, keep in mind that additional costs such as transportation, materials, and gas will be incurred.

How much should you pay a mover? 

Depending on the sort of move, movers charge between $75 and $350 per hour on average. Local moving companies, for example, charge between $80-$200 per hour, long-distance transfers cost between $85-$250 per hour, and commercial movers charge much more.

How much do you tip movers in Los Angeles?

It is suggested to tip your movers $4 to $5 per hour they assisted you. So, if your relocation took 5 hours and you were pleased with the service, tipping each mover 20 to 25 dollars is considered appropriate.

Is it cheaper to hire a mover in LA, CA? 

The cost of hiring one mover in LA, California will range from $60 up to $200 based on the skill and training of the mover, and the difficulty of the job. If you need to move delicate equipment, then you will need a well trained mover that will charge you closer to $200 per hour or more. Consult our office for your specific needs.

What long distance movers in LA, CA are skilled for? 

Long distance movers in Los Angeles are known for taking an inventory list of your belongings, determining the exact location factor for optimal navigation, and creating a detailed and customized plan on how to best protect your home and belongings during your move at a guaranteed and no hidden price. We now offer virtual moving estimates by video using any cell phone device or laptop for accurate moving quotes. Book your virtual survey today!