Moving Boxes

Moving can be exciting. Getting a new place, starting a new life in a new apartment or home. But it is also so tiring with all the moving boxes and packing and unpacking. Even more tiring and exhausting can be the mess of all the moving boxes you will have after you have unpacked. You will have to spend a lot of time just thinking about what to do with them or where to store them. Keep reading for some great ideas about dealing with all the moving boxes.

Ask your friends

Before doing anything else, we suggest you always ask your friends or family if they need your moving containers. If they think about relocating soon or just need boxes for storage, then you can save them money and time by giving your moving boxes to them.


If you have a considerable amount of boxes that you won’t need anymore, you can always recycle them. Almost every city and municipality allows you to recycle a significant amount of cardboard and you will not be charged extra money to have the boxes removed. You will probably have to carry your boxes to a recycling center because some centers refuse to pick them up for you, but you can search online for recycling centers near you so you won’t have to carry them too far. First, we suggest you also search and ask about the number of boxes you are allowed to recycle, the same as about the size and whether the boxes should be flattened or not.


If you think that donating boxes won’t be helpful for charities, then you are totally wrong. Charities are always on the lookout for donations that are either unused or hardly used. Donating your boxes will help them with their storage. Check for local charities and see how many of your boxes they need. And this way you will be free of them while helping others.

Get creative

You can always use the things you don’t need to create something you may need and use. If you think you need to be more creative you can always use the internet to learn to do new things. If you have children you can give them some coloring pens and let them have their way with your moving containers. Or you can create toys for them.

Sell them

You have probably heard about estate sales. They are sales where a person or a group of people sell a lot of things they don’t use anymore. Many families choose to hire a company to conduct their estate sale for them, as the task of identifying, organizing, appraising, pricing, and selling items can be time-consuming. But nowadays it is easier to sell your things because you can do it all online. There are websites online where you can just post your things and wait for them to be sold while you stay on your couch. You can also buy used, antique things on these websites as well.  There are estate sales everywhere, it all depends on which area you are willing to go to if you want to buy something. Or if you just want to search for things near you, you can filter on the search bar by typing the name of the city or area you want (ex. estate sales in Kansas ).

Keep them

If the place where you are moving to is spacious, you can always keep your moving boxes. You will never know when you will need them again, especially if you are renting. You can sort through the boxes after you have unpacked, them and keep all that is in good condition. Keep in mind that some of the moving boxes may make perfect boxes to wrap presents and store items you want to keep.

We hope this article was helpful for you and you could decide what to do with your moving boxes.

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