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It doesn’t matter if you’re a couple moving into your new home or if you’re a student moving into your first apartment. There are some things that need to be there when you move; otherwise, it’s going to be a pain. 

So, we’ve listed down some fundamentals for your new place. There’s obviously a lot to consider but start off with what we’ve listed and build your inventory in the process. On that note, for students who want to get some time off in order to take care of the move, we’re ahead of you.

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Now let’s get on to our checklist. 

1. Drying Rack

This is one that’s easily overlooked but very useful. If you don’t have a dryer at your new place or if you still haven’t bought one, then it’s going to be pretty inconvenient to try and dry clothes. Don’t end up hanging your washed clothes on random surfaces. 

Get a drying rack. The ones that fold are extra efficient and handy since they’re compact, but most of them typically fold in the first place. 

2. Vacuum Cleaner

There are a lot of models, so it’s easy to get something lightweight and easy to move around. Essentially, you’ll need it for cleaning after moving, and it’s one of the basics. Some models stand upright, and more heavyweight models clean more efficiently. 

3. Mop

No one’s perfect, and we’ll assume almost every individual on this planet has spilled something by accident. Get a mop to avoid using an old T-shirt to wipe the mess away. 

4. Curtains 

Get some curtains and a curtain rack. Stylish curtains can add some flavor to your new place, but they’re not only there for the aesthetic either. Some places might not have them prepped up and ready to use. Sunlight and your neighbors’ eyeballs aren’t always welcome to peek into the place. 

Curtains provide some privacy and if you feel like looking at the beauty of the outside world, just move them to the side. So yes, it’s a must-have basic.

5. Bluetooth Speakers

For those who don’t want to install an overpriced sound system, having some quality Bluetooth speakers to play music, amongst other things, is a cheaper and smarter alternative. 

6. Light Bulbs

Depending on the place you’re getting, having some spare light bulbs wouldn’t hurt. The ones in the place might stop working eventually, and having some in-store could save some time and effort. Just be sure they’re the right model.

7. Batteries

This is self-explanatory. Most people have more than just one device that’s in need of batteries. AA batteries are typically what you need, so keep some spare ones ready to be used.

8. Towels

Again, you’d probably rate a hotel badly if they didn’t have towels ready to be used in their rooms. That would be terrible. Towels are typically a must-have unless you want the old T-shirt route again.

9. Toilet Paper

We don’t need to explain why number one and number two are basic things that need to be taken care of. We recommend our readers get toilet paper in bulk if they can.

10. Bottled Water

Tap water, isn’t it. That stuff has some chemicals you don’t want coming into your body. Most of the tap water in the U.S. has fluoride in it. Please invest in some good bottled water. Spring water is the best. 

11. Dishes

By dishes, we mean: 

  • Coffee mugs and tea cups
  • Plates 
  • Forks, spoons, and knives
  • Glass cups 

We want our readers to avoid ordering take-out for weeks on end. It might not be too good for the wallet. 

12. Router 

A router for an internet connection is a must-have. There are also ‘wifi’ repeaters that spread out the wifi connection to further spaces in your place so that everyone gets a good internet connection.

13.Carbon Monoxide Detectors

For those who have gas cookers, these might just save your life. Carbon monoxide kills quietly. It is odorless, so it’s not detectable through smell, which is why it is so deadly. Detectors will give you that extra protection that’s needed. 

14. Mirror

There are usually mirrors installed in bathrooms, but for those who want to have a large one so they can see their whole body, get a cheap one on Amazon and prop it up in the bedroom.

15. Tools

Handy tools come to save the day at the most unexpected moments, and surely you’ll need screws and screwdrivers to assemble furniture and whatnot. Get a tool kit; they will usually have all the essentials. 

16. Sheets

Sheets for the pillows, the bed, the blanket, the couch, and so on. No one wants to lie down on bare mattresses and pillows. 

17. Alcohol

Not the drink; we mean the disinfectant. Handy to have to clean surfaces. We also suggest buying disinfectant alcohol for wounds or washing your hands. 

18. Hangers

You’ll need them for clothes, and for those who don’t have a coat rack, you can use hangers to hang jackets inside a wardrobe. 

19. Pots And Pans

It won’t be possible to cook and make anything without at least a few cooking utensils around. Typically, you’ll need a pan to fry things on and a pot to boil things in. Other utensils can be added later to the inventory. Oh, and don’t forget to get utensils to stir food with. 

Final Thoughts

Don’t get overwhelmed, and don’t stress yourself out too much when moving. These essentials are some of the fundamentals to maintaining comfort at the start of the move. Everything else that’s needed can be added slowly and surely. Get a checklist to make it easier to remember everything necessary, and good luck!

We hope you found this blog post Moving House: 20 Things You Must Bring to Your New Place useful. Be sure to check out our post 10 Moving and Packing Hacks for a Stress-Free Move for more great tips!

The Ultimate Move Out / Move In Home Cleaning Checklist

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