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We always want our homes to radiate beauty, not only to those who visit us, but mainly to ourselves. As we already know, the popularity of mirrors is something that will never fade. Being timeless objects, they bring clarity and dimension to our home, among other benefits, but we have to agree that their transport must be as safe as possible, since it is pretty easy for something to go badly wrong and a mirror to break. Surely nobody wants to get 7 years of bad luck, am I right? This post shows you how to safely transport mirrors.

It doesn’t matter if you just bought a new big vanity mirror or are moving to another house or city, there is some care that must be taken into account when transporting a mirror, or even some simple glass sheets. Moving shouldn’t be synonymous with headaches or broken things; on the contrary, it can often be somewhat fun. So, because of that, we will bring you some tips today that will surely help you conduct a smooth move with nothing breaking, and everything arriving in perfect condition.

How to Pack Well and Transport Your Mirror?

First of all, the mirror must be well-packed with bubble wrap, or with other protective material. The main objective here is to protect all its areas, so close the bubble wrap with adhesive tape, and above all, it is good to put a layer of corrugated cardboard for further protection against the impacts that it may suffer.

The correct way to transport it is standing upright, and if you do not have cardboard, padded blankets can be used, thus protecting it from the bumps it may experience in transport such as by car or by a moving truck.

It is always good to pay attention to the corners of the mirror, so don’t skimp on protection, and for larger mirrors, it is important to reinforce the corners with more cardboard, or fabric “corners”, or with an entire extra layer.

Usually, some carriers, and of course, salespeople, already know what to do with the transportation and packaging of mirrors and glass, and they even supply their own cars for this, but that does not mean that you cannot do this by yourself – it is just a matter of having the right materials, patience and good help, and everything can be achieved.

Some Other Tips to Not Get Lost in The Whole Process

We know that the act of carrying glass is a daily activity for glass companies, distributors, and processors; even so, it does not mean that you can’t also try it, because with great care, nothing serious will happen.

Put your own protection first at all times: wear safety glasses, anti-cut sleeves, boots with toe caps, anti-cut gloves, and a helmet if the pieces are carried above head height. Glass of medium and large size needs to be carried by more than one person.

When transporting 2 sheets at the same time, use the interlayer (it can be either cardboard and bubble wrap) between the surface of one glass and the other, thus avoiding direct contact between them. Mirrors or glass that have holes and cutouts must have these parts facing up, so place the largest pieces first, then the medium ones, and lastly the smallest ones.

The glass pieces really need to be locked on easels, or carried by ropes for example, and should also be fixed, using a strap with locks or other methods. Lastly, never use planks as a ramp, as they offer a high risk of falling!

Lastly, Be Very Careful

Before you start packing, or even after, remember to make an “X” with adhesive tape on your mirrors and or glass frames. Of course, this will not prevent the glass from falling, but it can absorb the shock and keep the glass in the frame if it is damaged due to the movement of the transport.

Remember, glass is one of the most fragile materials that needs good care, from its storage and handling to its packaging and transportation. Thanks for reading, see you next time and good luck!

We hope you found this blog post Tips to Safely Transport Mirrors and Large Glass Sheets useful. Be sure to check out our post How To Safely Transport Glass Items During A Move for more great tips!


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