Moving houses is a tough job, that is a fact. And sometimes, even under the best circumstances, things could still go unexpectedly.

However, things may also go worse if not appropriately planned. Thus, increasing your anxiety and stress even more.

Good thing, there are some proven ways on how to move out like a pro. Please read on below to find them out:

Organize the Move Early


Give yourself ample time and organize a strategic moving out plan. By ample time, we mean 4-6 weeks at least. Please do not cut it short as it will bring unnecessary frustration for sure.

First, create a moving home checklist to keep yourself on top of the whole, moving out process. Make sure you accomplish what you have listed down one day at a time or as long as the time permits. As much as possible, refrain from making any last-minute arrangements, as this might interfere with the whole process.

Organizing the move earlier helps alleviate stress and makes you feel a bit calmer throughout.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Items

As you leave your old place, inevitably, there will be some items you won’t be needing anymore.

Therefore, as soon you explore those never seen corners of the house and start packing, separate the things you wanted to bring to the new home and the ones you may get rid of.

Use this opportunity well to declutter and keep whatever is necessary. There are things you may donate somewhere else, or maybe put up a garage sale if you have time before leaving.

With this strategy, you are already hitting two birds with one stone. You were able to dispose of the things you do not need anymore and earn extra money on the side, too.

You may either use your earned money to buy a piece of new furniture as a way of celebrating your new home or add it to your savings.

Stay Organized as You Pack

When you do organized packing, unpacking comes easy.

Ensure that you have the right tools for packing first before you start removing your items from their respective drawers. Get a variety of boxes in different sizes, adhesives, scissors, and markers for labeling. These items help you stay organized as you pack.

Fill each box one by one and make sure to do it by batch, too. For example, start by clearing all the items in your bathroom first, then the kitchen, and other small miscellaneous items that you seldom use.

Lastly, pack your clothes. And again, if there are any pieces of clothing that you have not worn nor seen in the last six months, those go to the things you may get rid of.

Set a Budget

Set a Budget

Let’s get real: Living on your own can be exciting yet can also be costly if not well planned. That is why setting a budget is very important.

As you create a moving-out list, you may also prepare a separate file for your projected budget. This would include, first and foremost, the new house that you will be moving in to.

Factor out your monthly utility bills, food, and maybe gas cost too if you own a car. Then decide which will be more practical:

  • To get a house near your workplace or school so you can save up on gas perhaps?
  • Or maybe get a place on the outskirts of the city?

The latter will be cheaper than the ones in the town center but entails a longer travel time.

In addition, decide on whether to get a moving van for your big house furniture or will be it be cheaper to dispose of your old furniture and get new ones. Take advantage of garage sales yourself.

Now, remember that setting yourself up with some spending limit is one thing, and staying within the budget is another thing. Make sure to follow both.

Have a Plan for Moving Day

After spending so many days or weeks of packing can be exhausting. And that is why a well-planned moving day is crucial.

Surely, you don’t want to put all your efforts to waste by forgetting a box or two on the day itself.

Make yourself available throughout the whole day because, mind you, from packing to unpacking, it’ll undoubtedly take your time. Have some of your trusted friends over, or maybe a family member to help you out.

Give the moving company, if you are using one, a follow-up call a day or two to confirm all the necessary details.

And lastly, remember to stay calm, because panicking won’t do any good. It will just add unnecessary frustration and stress. And you don’t want some lousy juju to follow you to your new home, right?.

Pick the Right Van

Pick the right size of the van and check how many helpers you’ll need.

Do not go overboard and spend so much only to find out you have so little to bring with you. At the same time, do not get a small van when, in fact, you have several big furniture to move.

Before making any arrangements, go through the whole house once again and do an educated estimate as to what kind of vehicle you should be renting.

Maybe ask your dad or anyone else who had experience in moving houses before for opinion and help.

Get Your Mortgage in Order

If you’re moving into a new home you bought, make sure to have all your paper works ready and checked. Remember when to make payments as missed payments may hit your credit score.

That said, ServicePros Mortgage Brokers Auckland advises that you should always transact with the professionals to get your mortgage in order. Do not be afraid to ask around about the best deals they could offer you.

Don’t Forget to Clean and Repair

Clean and Repair

One thing people tend to forget when moving out is cleaning up and doing the repairs needed.

If you are looking at having your old place rented out, this might cause a problem to arise with the new tenant. In return, you do not want to move into a new house with a tap not working, or toilet clogged, right?

Therefore, before ultimately moving out, make sure the place is tidy enough for the new tenants and that you were able to attend to the tiny issues around.

Moving houses is never a piece of cake. However, with proper planning and tools, and with the right amount of help too, it is possible to move houses with ease and less hassle.

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