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For the most part, winter usually means freezing cold temperature and lots of snow. People tend to delay their move till summers when the weather is bright and sunny but the plus point of moving in winters is the decreased cost due to low demand but that too comes at a price. Finding the energy to get out of your warm bed and getting ready to pack to move on the snow-filled road and the icy cold air is a challenge in itself.

Moving During Winter Tips

If you’re planning on moving in the winter months, keep on reading. Here’s a guide to help make your winter a move a little less stressful:

Be Flexible and Prepared

Drastic changes in the weather are very common in the winter season. It could be bright and sunny one day and dumping down large chunks of snow the next; even when it isn’t snowing there’s a chance for a blizzard or a hail storm, so you have to be prepared for the worst. The weeks paving the way for your move, keep on the look-out for weather changes and check weather reports every day.

You might even have to cancel if there’s a blizzard on the day of your move and reschedule it with the movers. Chances are that they’ll oblige due to decreased workload in the season, and it wouldn’t be a fuss because they don’t want to be out working in a snowstorm any more than you do.

Pack In Advance

A lot of people wait till the moving day to pack up their things which is not advisable. You need to take your time and not leave everything to the last minute, which just adds on more and more stress. A portable storage container is very convenient for last minute calls. See if you can get your hands on a leak-free one, preferably made out of steel.

Some ground work, Literally!

Before your moving day or even on the same day, make sure that the environment around the house is safe for moving. Get your shovel and create a wide path for movers so they can do their job easily, you don’t want any accidents, do you? Using an anti icer after you’ve shoveled away the snow would help in keeping the pavement clean. You can even create a shelter that would protect the space around the house from getting filled with rain and snow again. A slight slope will be perfect so nothing accumulates on top of it.

In your new home, place plastic sheets so people going in and out of it don’t stain the floors with mud or water. The last thing you need to worry about is cleaning the day you’re supposed to be unpacking.

Protect your belongings

Just like you, your belongings are susceptible to temperature changes as well. The temperature can cause them to get brittle and ultimately break so take double the precaution when you’re packing things that might break. Line the sides of the container with plastic so no water seeps through.

Take care of yourself and your movers

Not a lot of people are willing to work and help you move in this terribly cold weather, which makes it a better idea to hire professional help instead of doing it on your, own since they will have more experience.

To thank them for their hard work and keep their spirits up in this harsh weather, treat them to hot beverages. Prepare a hot flask of coffee or tea to offer to the ones working, order food for them if the work is a long one. Try to keep the alcohol away at any cost.

Take care of your pets beforehand

Your movers will find it hard to work if your pet keeps trying to play with them or keeps getting in their way. If you’ve turned off your heating system, your pet would need to be warm. Check for local kennels or boarders that have heating systems and a warm environment. Make sure your pets are taken care of before you move.

Keep Extra Gloves

Make a trip to the dollar store and pick up some gloves. You never know if the weather conditions might get worse overnight and make it hard for your movers to work. Keep the extra gloves to offer your movers so their fingers don’t feel numb. They’re the ones who’ll be in and out in this cold and they need all the heat they can get.

Have a safe trip

Moving in the winters isn’t as hard as it seems. With a few precautions and added steps, you can have a fun time and an enjoyable journey with the movers. Remember to always plan ahead and keep a close check on the weather.

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