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The great thing about moving is a way to start fresh and look forward to the exciting new journey, the downside is that you have to leave things for the people who will be moving in after you leave. You might want to let go of some unwanted things, but guess what you cannot simply leave them at what will soon be your old place. Part of your journey on what you need to get rid of will be about how to keep the new house clean. Remember you want to travel light, and leave room for new things that you plan on buying when you get to your new house.

Begin Moving Planning ASAP

You might think that you are moving in a month and that you have a couple of weeks before you start packing but guess what you are already late. You should have started three weeks ago. The sooner you begin to clean your old house, and packing process the easier and less frustrating it will be when the big day arrives. You want to be ready for the change not dreading it.

Start by gathering bin liners of boxes. You will need four. Label each according to what you are going to keep, things you are going to sell, things you are going to donate, and things that you have to throw away. Take these four containers through each room, and make sure you go through all the things.

It is very important to remember that while you are de-cluttering, you have in your mind the new space that you are moving into, and what you will need there and what fits there. This means you will have to make a decision about the furniture you currently have. You will be very lucky if every piece you own goes perfectly with the interior of your new home.

If you find that something is damaged or broken, it has to go in the bin immediately. You don’t want to keep it, forget about it and have it being mixed up with things that are moving.

Organize the Paperwork

Most of us hold on to every single document we have because we genuinely believe we will need it one day. The best thing about having years’ worth of paperwork is that it is satisfying and super quick to do. We are not talking about insurance documents or birth certificates. You must shift through the outdated things and shred them.

There’s another neat way around this. If you really are the type of person who likes to be extra extra cautious about papers, then simply scan everything and place it in a hard drive.

HMRC recommends that you hold onto records such as credit cards, and bank documents, or any other financial document for at least six years. Therefore, if you find anything that has crossed that time frame, it must go to the shredder.

Be Selective

Most people make the mistake of not throwing things away or giving them away till they get in touch with the movers and on the day find out that they cannot take everything and leave behind the thing they were unsure about keeping.

You have to be ruthless about your decision on keeping or not keeping things. If you have a personal keepsake that should already make it to a box that you pack because you probably will not be using it within the next month. Everything else of sentimental value must go into this box as well, lest you decide to leave them instead of the things that you really have no need for in the future.

There are also the items that we keep with us because we keep thinking we might need them later, except we don’t. There is a good rule for this, if you have not used that item for over a year, chances are you won’t use it for another year. So let it go.

Do Not Forget to Recycle

So, you have probably completely decided on what to keep and what to give away or throw away. Now is the time where you either sell it online or a front lawn sale. However, you have to be very responsible about the things that you are going to throw away. You can always ask your friends or family for packing tips.

A lot of people who move out get rid of waste in a way that is harmful for the environment. This is where de-cluttering a month prior comes in handy. You want to give the proper time and attention to your things by properly disposing everything. You can opt for the appropriate recycling avenues depending on the material you are disposing, or just simply opt for the landfill instead of the garbage disposal.  

There are several ways to simplify your move, whether it is a long distance, or a few hours away. Always make sure to clean your old house for new people, because you wouldn’t want to move into a durty house yourself.

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