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Perhaps you’ve recently bought a new condo, upgraded from an apartment to a house, or moved from New York to Westchester. Maybe your small home-based business now requires an office. Whether you have household items, furniture, art, antiques or personal belongings, you have to choose one moving & storage services company from hundreds of moving companies in New York. How do you do it? How can you find the one most trusted moving service in NYC?

Call All Around Moving Services Company Inc., a local moving company in New York City for detailed moving quote on Movers and Storage in the greater New York metropolitan area.

We arrange for an onsite estimator to survey the items to be moved and provide you with a detailed written proposal.


Why us?

We are the most organized, professional and skilled moving service in NYC. We arrange for moving services in Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island. Additionally, we service the surrounding Westchester towns and much of the Tri-State area (see list below). We can also arrange your move  to-and-from cities across the USA. Thereafter, whether it’s a residential moving or commercial or international, you can trust us in arranging the best movers. You can trust in us as well with moving abroad to safely move your belongings to your destination. We can accommodate any moving requirements to make it a stress-free event.

We have a vast networking system and healthy relationship with freight forwarders across the globe. As always, you get the care and consideration for your belongings that you expect from us. With our flexible and affordable services, we are the most reliable among Moving Companies in New York City.


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Located in Wall Street, All Around Moving is a member of the Better Business Bureau and The Chamber of Commerce of New York. We are in the City of New York “Mayor’s Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting” selective list of official moving companies.

With us, you will find the best trusted movers for your moving plans. No need to waste time looking for movers anymore. It’s all here. Therefore, you can conveniently find local and international moving companies in NYC for all your moving requirements just in one place.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to move in NYC?

Everyone’s moving requirements will be different depending on factors such as the size of the apartment, house, a townhouse, etc., and the amount of property that needs to be packed, relocated, and unpacked.

The cost to move in NYC is also based on the time it takes to accomplish moving, the distance from point A to B, and how many workers are required.

These are all things that you must consider when trying to determine how much does it cost to move in NYC.

If you are trying to budget for your next move, consider the following variables that can affect the cost:

  • Number of boxes
  • Amount of furniture
  • Moving distance
  • Ease of access (i.e., walk-up vs. elevator, long walk from street)
  • Furniture assembled / disassembly

What moving service in NYC Can move you cheaply?

Taking on the task of moving can be stressful and expensive. That’s why it is important to plan ahead as much as possible. Researching local moving companies will help you determine the services and prices ranges available.

Executing a quick web search will lead you to numerous moving companies. Consider hiring professional moving company that is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

Along with being accredited, the moving company should have overall good reviews. If the company has these at a minimum, then determine which moving company in NYC can move you cheaply.

How much moving companies in New York City charge?

If you’re preparing to move to The Empire State, you may have asked how much moving companies in New York City charge.

The best thing you can do is contact the moving company directly and inquire. Specify the details of your needs in order for the moving company to provide an accurate quote.

Where can you find in New York City a BBB+ moving company?

Select business earn BBB Accreditation by undergoing a thorough evaluation and upholding the BBB Accreditation Standards.

BBB assigns rating from A+ (highest) to F (lowest).

You can determine which moving companies hold this accreditation by using the BBB Directory of moving companies in NYC.

Does one need large moving truck to move a studio in NYC? In the process of preparing to move, you begin to brainstorm everything required to make your move happen. You list out boxes, tape, packing material, and markets.

You may also wonder if you need a large moving truck to move a studio in NYC?

Below are guidelines to help determine requirements to complete your move.

Moving companies recommend the following moving truck size to accommodate for your move:

15 ft. truck for one to two-bedroom home

17 ft. truck for a two to three-bedroom home

26 ft. truck for a four-plus-bedroom home

1-2 bedrooms home or apartment – Would require 2-3 movers and approx. 5 hours to load and unload.

2-3 bedrooms home or apartment – Would require 3 movers and approx. 6 hours to load and unload.

3-4 bedrooms home or apartment – Would require 3 movers and approx. 8 hours to load and unload.

When you contact a professional moving company to inquire for their services, they will provide exactly the number of movers you require and inform you of factors to consider when deciding the amount of labor you’ll need to outsource.

Below is a reference of required time and number of movers to complete your move based on the square footage of your home.

Home Size (square footage)Loading OnlyUnloading OnlyFull-Service Moving
400 to 650 sq. ft.2 movers / 2 hours2 movers / 2 hours2 movers / 4 hours
700 to 1,000 sq. ft.2 movers / 3 hours2 movers / 3 hours2 movers / 5 hours
1,100 to 1,500 sq. ft.3 movers / 4 hours3 movers / 4 hours3 movers / 6 hours
1,600 to 2,000 sq. ft.3 movers / 5 hours3 movers / 5 hours3 movers / 8 hours
2,000 to 3,000 sq. ft.4 movers / 6 hours4 movers / 6 hours4 movers / 9 hours
3,000+ sq. ft.6 movers / 8 hours6 movers / 8 hours6 movers / 10+ hours