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Charlotte has been steadily growing in popularity in the last few years, and it is one of the largest cities in the state. It has a lot to offer its residents, from the weather to the recreational pursuits and the food scene. Charlotte is really a mix of the old and the new, offering an update on the traditional ways of southern life. If you are considering a move – or if you already have one planned – then read this relocation guide for everything you need to know about moving to Charlotte

An Overview of the Neighborhoods

In general, if you are looking for a home as opposed to a condo or an apartment, you will need to look around the perimeter of Charlotte, as homes are scarce the further into the city you venture. The specific neighborhoods that you choose to look at will largely depend on what you want to get out of them. Are you looking for culture? Activities? Somewhere quiet and quaint? A family-friendly neighborhood? Luckily when it comes to looking for real estate in Charlotte, EZ Home Search has you covered. They have a range of properties to suit most budgets in neighborhoods across Charlotte.

The Job Market

Charlotte has a thriving economy; the rates of unemployment are far lower than the national average. The median salary is also slightly higher than the national average. The two main areas of employment are healthcare and social work, but the job market isn’t limited to those. Tech is another fast-expanding industry in the area. The Bank of America, American Airlines and Lowes also have a headquarters in Charlotte. Finally, it also has a booming art and culture scene, which also accounts for a lot of the job opportunities too.

The Weather

Charlotte is in the subtropical part of the southeast of the United States. This often means that the weather is classed as ‘unpredictable’. It can get incredibly humid during the summer months, but it stays pretty dry during the winter. The temperature fluctuations in charlotte during the different seasons can be significantly larger than that of other states. Charlotte is not great for those with pollen allergies or hay-fever because the flowering trees come out with a vengeance every springtime. As mentioned above, the summers are long and hot, which can be a challenge for those from more northern states who aren’t used to the unrelenting heat. 

Experiencing the fall in Charlotte is truly something to behold. The changing colors are stunning, and the weather finally begins to offer you a reprieve from the sun and heat. The nights start to cool down, which provides tourists and new residents with the perfect opportunity to explore the city—finally, winter. Charlotte does tend to have milder winters than a lot of other states; for example, snow and winter storms are super rare. However, it can still get pretty cold and icy. It is also worth pointing out that while they are not common, both tornadoes and hurricanes are not unheard of in the area.

The Transportation

Your transport options largely will depend on the neighborhood that you choose to settle in. Charlotte has a light rail system that connects several of the neighborhoods together, and it is a pretty cheap option too. Charlotte also has a bus and shuttle system, which does cover more of the area than the light rail does; again, it is a pretty cheap option for those on a budget. Some cities are not suited to owning your own vehicle but fear not charlotte is not one of them. If you do have your own car, then getting around the city is pretty easy. Finally, if you are more conscious of your environmental impact and carbon footprint, then you might be interested to know that Charlotte actually has the biggest bike-sharing program in the southeastern states. 

The Schools

Charlotte is a great place for education. There is a wide range of educational institutions, including higher education, that caters to the whole population. The school district is huge, including both private and public choices. Obviously, your choices will be limited depending on which catchment areas you live in or your budget if you are considering private school. Charlotte is also home to one of the University of North Carolina campuses as well as Davidson College, the Charlotte School of Law, and the Art Institute of Charlotte too. In addition to this, there are also several smaller businesses which offer courses to adults who want to gain qualifications and learn new skills.

Recreational Activities

Charlotte has a ton of things to do for both residents and tourists. For your fill of culture, the city is home to a number of different museums, galleries, and exhibits. There is the planetarium, the Charlotte Museum of History, and The Bechtler Museum of Modern art, not to mention the more niche institutions like the NASCAR Hall of Fame or the Museum of the Alphabet. Charlotte is also the home to the Carolina Panthers, the Charlotte Hornets, the Wells Fargo Championship tournament, and the Coca-Cola 600, making it a great place for sports lovers too. Finally, for those who like to get away and spend time in nature, Charlotte is also a short drive away from beaches in both North and South Carolina and the Smoky Mountains too. Frankly, it is all but impossible to be bored in Charlotte.

Events to Pencil into Your Diary

Upon moving to Charlotte, you will quickly discover that it is a town that absolutely thrives on celebrations. Events are scattered throughout the year, so you will always have something to look forward to. To set the tone for these events, Charlotte is actually home to one of the biggest beer crawls in the world. Other than that, there are a lot of other events that you need to make time for:

  • Queen City Brewers Festival – February 
  • Jazz Festival – April
  • 600 Festival – May
  • South End Wine Festival – June
  • Pride Festival – August
  • Festival in the Park – September
  • Charlotte Film Festival – October

In addition to all of these annual festivities that occur each year, there are also a number of one-off events to explore. For example, it isn’t unusual for neighborhoods to throw block parties or for galleries or museums to host art shows or exhibitions. To put it simply, Charlotte always has something going on for you to do. 

To Sum Up

Charlotte is a vibrant city that is full of culture. It truly does offer the perfect mix of urban and country living. There is so much to do and see in your downtime to help you get acclimatized. Charlotte is growing quickly, and as such, the housing market and job market are both booming, meaning that you do have a lot to choose from when making this city your home. While there is no doubt that Charlotte is a great place to live and work, relocating is a big deal, and as such, it is paramount that you do your research. It is one thing to make the move alone but another to bring your family. Children can struggle with relocating, so it is important to be open and honest with them and make the effort to include them in the process.

We hope you found this blog post on Moving to Charlotte, NC: Your Relocation Guide 2023 useful. Be sure to check out our post on How Not to Stress Out When Moving Out of State for more great tips!

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