Moving With Kids

Moving can be an exciting but still stressful time, more so in the case of families with kids. If you intend to move soon along with your kids, it is advisable to plan ahead. Relocation with kids is more than just about changing houses. It also means that the kids will be leaving behind beloved play areas, friends, the home they are accustomed to, the familiar neighborhood, and even their school. The transition is challenging and it may at times negatively affect the kids if the move is not carried out with deliberate consideration.

Along with managing the relocation, you also have to look after the physical comfort of your children along with their mental health and do all of this while consciously tackling your emotional response to the change. It can get hectic and a bit overwhelming at times. Here are a few tips to help you move trouble-free with kids:

Devise a family-oriented moving plan

Begin with a detailed but flexible plan, and modify it if necessary along the way. Having a plan in hand will help you remain calmer and more focused.  Create a list of tasks that you need to accomplish as part of the relocation process. Such a list ensures that you don’t miss out on or forget any tasks once the packing and moving begin. If required, break the tasks down into smaller and more easily achievable steps. 

You can allocate tasks to the children according to their age; it helps keep them involved and interested while also mentally preparing them. During the creation of the plan, gather your family around, so that the plan can benefit from their valuable input and contribute toward strengthening the bonds between the family members. 

Have an open conversation 

Discussing the move with the kids is crucial. They need to know what the move will entail. Allow them to ask questions, and answer all their questions as patiently and honestly as you can. Encourage them to express their feelings about the move, so that you can help them cope better. 

Younger kids (infants and toddlers) may not be affected emotionally by the move as their world revolves around their parents, but there will be other challenges with them. 

Communicate at every stage of the process and keep encouraging the kids to open up too. With reassurance, you can ease their minds. 

Plan a good farewell 

Although it is highly encouraged to help kids remain in touch with their current friends, it is a given that they won’t be seeing each other as often after the move. Plan a farewell party/parties and invite their friends (and yours too, maybe in a separate one). Help the kids get closure by providing them with this opportunity to properly express their gratitude and emotions. 

Do take them to visit the places they loved to frequent. Let the older kids go out to eat with friends. Help them say goodbye to beloved people and places and process their emotions. 

Pack a special bag for the first day

For each child, pack a special personalized bag meant for the first day (and night) at the new home. This bag should include all the things that the child will need to be comfortable.

Pack a pair of clothes, pajamas, a blanket,  toiletries, some snacks, and a book or toy. Remember to include some of their favorite items. The toys, books, and snacks will also keep the kids entertained while you are busy with tasks in the new home. You could pack in a board game for the older kids. If you don’t want to overcrowd the bag, you could arrange for them to play a game like solitaire online. 

A thoughtfully-packed bag will offer the kids some familiarity in the new surroundings and you won’t have to hurry to unpack all the boxes. 

Stick to routines 

When everything is changing, some constant will help prevent the children from being disconcerted. Try to be consistent with some of the family routines like mealtimes and bedtime. A known routine will be calming in between all the chaos of packing and moving. While it may not be possible throughout because of the challenges associated with moving, try as much as you can to maintain the routines for your children. 

Get to know your new neighborhood together

Before the move, visit the new house and neighborhood with the kids. It will let them know what to expect. Check out the amenities together. You can even take them to see the new school they will be attending. Highlight the best features of the house in front of the kids, and help them visualize their new life. Tackle apprehensions if any as they arise. 

Enlist the help of a babysitter

For the moving day, if your kids are young, you may want to engage a babysitter. For their safety, it is better if they are out of the way of the boxes and the moving equipment. If the kids are around, they may become tired and restless. It will be very  difficult to entertain them in the hustle and bustle. If you can’t find a professional babysitter, check to see if your parents or friends can take care of the kids on the moving day.

Select an efficient moving company

It’s not always possible to handle all the tasks by yourself. Especially when you have kids, you would do better by engaging a good moving company for the relocation. Moving companies have all the packing materials and equipment to make the move safe, comfortable, quick, and easy. Take advantage of their expertise and experience, and you can focus more on your children’s needs. 

Wrapping up

With some positivity, creativity, and planning, the moving process will cease to be stressful and might even be fun. With kids, it is important to have a time cushion and some flexibility in plans. If there is a slight deviation in plans, take it in your stride and adjust. Plan and implement the move in such a way that it seems like a family adventure.

We hope you found this blog post on Moving With Kids: Tips To Have Trouble-Free Move useful. Be sure to check out our post on Tips for Moving with Kids for more great tips!

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