Pallet Racking

In warehouses, factories, or even in household storage, you can see heavy items in bulk. These include drums, barrels, steel items, raw materials, cans of beverages, bricks, concrete blocks, etc. You may wonder how these many items can be stored concisely.

Well, you can store these heavy materials in various ways like rack storage, automated storage, floor stacking, etc., and all these come under pallet racking.

Here you will get some brief ideas on the most common types of pallet racking to drive an excellent warehouse operation.

Types of Pallet Racking

  1. Selective Pallet racking: Selective pallet racking uses cross beams and uprights to store and support the pallet. It is the leading solution for warehouses to store a wide range of products. It’s hassle-free and lets you save some space in the home to arrange the essential things in their place.

Below are some notable advantages we get from it.

  • Direct access to all storage elements at the same time.
  • Allows one to handle anything from any position without moving or displacing others.
  • Helps us to achieve easy control of our stock items which are essential in sudden cases.
  • Offers flexible load control irrespective of the volume and weight. 

Pallet Racking is the most versatile option. But it has some limitations to store anything to its lowest possible density. It is still the best alternative for faster delivery and faster access to the pallets irrespective of the space issue.

  1. Drive-in Pallet Racking: For storing most of the items in the same place, drive-in pallet racking is the recommended option to prefer when you have fewer aisles. It needs a lift-truck to pick up the pallets and displace it from one side to another.

Usually, drive-in racks are more subjected to rack collisions as they carry high-density products. These racks allow flexibility in load control. They are also beneficial when it comes to storing large loads in a smaller space. While we are getting more density in storage, selectivity has to be sacrificed as many items are loaded in a single pallet.

  1. Push Back Pallet Racking: Push back pallet racking is quite different than drive-through pallet racks. We usually see them in cart-riding.

In a push back system, we can remove the products one by one from the front side with the help of a forklift. It assists in easy placement and retrieval. It comes with some unique benefits, which include:

  • Better space control than the selective racks with more than 90 per cent density.
  • It consists of multiple drive-in racks with more selectivity.
  • It ensures faster picking while having selectivity coupled with high storage capacity.

Which Pallet Racking is the best way to store materials?

There is no particular approach which is said to be right for stacking a massive amount of materials. Each method has its requirement and space layout. It is dependent upon equipment cost, types of products, and many variable factors. For a long-term goal, floor-stacking also plays a significant role. It drives better efficiency and inventory management than pallet racking.


Pallet racking enhances the stability of the bulk items and places them in the right place in a safe manner. It enhances the competitive market and resolves the challenges faced by marketing professionals, considering the factors in streamlining warehouse applications. The method that requires less cost with maximum floor utilization is the ideal system one can go for. For efficient storage utilization, you need to take several factors into account like size, quantity, and weight of the materials before deciding on which racking system would work best for you. Also, the accommodation of forklifts would help you to store large objects in no time.

We hope you found this blog post on Pallet Racking: An Easy Option to Store Materials in Bulk Effectively useful. Be sure to check out our post on Moving Easier: 8 Reasons to Use Self Storage During a Move for more great tips!


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