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The bedroom is the most important room in the house because we tend to not only spend long hours there sleeping but, in many homes, it serves as a space for relaxing even when you are not sleeping. Bedrooms can be ideal spaces to catch up on your reading or even to watch TV. However, because many of us have to deal with small bedrooms, we need to not only make them luxurious but practical with lots of storage space.

We need to create more space in the bedroom. Here are some smart ideas on how you can get make your bedroom accommodate more stuff without banging your knees on the furniture.

Make Your Bed Do Double Duty

Since the space underneath the bed generally goes unused. Using it can be a great idea to keep stuff. Even if you cannot afford a new bed with in-built storage space, you can simply raise the level of your existing bed and keep stuff neatly in storage containers. If you use an extra-large bed cover, nobody will be able to spot the storage containers under the bed too. Buying a storage bench is a great idea for accommodating extra stuff in the bedroom, according to

Free Up Your Closet For Storage

You might be able to create more space in the bedroom closet. Even if you think that you couldn’t possibly stuff in more clothes into your closet, a careful examination may reveal plenty of ways in which, you can create more space. You can not only add more shelves but also install more rods for hanging clothing as well as hangers that can be installed over the door.

If you find your closet becoming a mess every time you pull out some stuff from a shelf, you can think about buying some storage bags in a size that will fit well in the closet and keep your stuff in them. Because they are usually made out of transparent plastic, you will be able to know easily which bag to access when you are looking for something. These bags are also very useful for keeping your clothes from getting damp and being damaged by mold and mildew as well as protecting them from insect or rodent attack.

Organize the Contents of Your Dresser

If you are like most people who generally store stuff casually, you will be surprised to find what a difference you can make by folding your clothes well and using the dividers in the drawer. This is another way to create more space in the bedroom. You can also manage to fit in more clothes, especially those that you do not need currently, by using plastic vacuum-sealed bags. All you need to do is to fold your clothes carefully, put them in the bag, and such out the air from inside using a vacuum cleaner. You will be surprised to find how little space out-of-season clothes now occupy while keeping safe from damp and insects.


If your bedroom is really small, you need to be extra creative about the rest of the bedroom furniture. For example, instead of a table, you can have a cabinet that has a tabletop while the rest of it acts like a chest of drawers for keeping stuff. The entire point is to use the furniture in your room not to look just pretty but also act as functional storage spaces.

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