Stress is an unfortunate fact of modern life. Stress is an evolutionary mechanism that helped human beings survive, and in small amounts, can spur us on to work harder or successfully address a threat. However, too much stress is bad for us. Chronic stress can negatively impact our immune system; make us tired, depressed and anxious; lead us to consume more food than our bodies need; cause our blood pressure to soar; and even result in heart problems and make us susceptible to other diseases.

Self-Care Tips

What makes us stressed? Many stressors are external. That means they happen to us and are out of our control, such as job demands, job loss, loss of a loved one, school pressures, current events and more. Internal stressors come from our negative thoughts, unrealistic expectations and bad behaviors, such as when we put too much pressure on ourselves or pursue unhealthy lifestyles.

Whether stress is internal or external, the physical and mental effects are the same. Insomnia, eating issues, loss of interest in daily life, irritability, head and stomach pain are symptoms of stress that, if unrelieved, can lead to chronic stress. While talking to a mental health professional is recommended when stress feels unmanageable, there are many things we can do at home to lower our stress levels.

When you feel that you are overloaded with stress, self-care is extremely important, especially when you are experiencing anxiety or depressed feelings. Check out this article from BetterHelp to learn more.

What should I do?

The infographic below, 15 Ways to Turn Your Home into a Self-Care Sanctuary, offers time-tested ideas for making your home into your personal refuge. While the outside world can be stressful, your home should be the place to de-stress, relax and take care of yourself. The ultimate goal is to achieve better emotional, mental and physical health. We spend a lot of time in our homes, so making the home environment more calming and peaceful will positively impact our mood.

A lot has been written on the topic of eliminating stress from our lives. Most suggestions focus on things like turning off the news, going to the gym, changing jobs or careers, remaining positive in the face of adversity and the like. While these are all good and highly recommended, we created an infographic to focus on things we can do at home and to our homes. Changing the physical environment has a greater effect on our stress levels than we may realize at first glance.

Colors, scents, lights and other factors that affect our senses have been proven to help people relax. That’s why we recommend changing your wall color, adding plants to your décor, lighting candles, improving the lighting and much more. The infographic also offers ideas for personal self-care that can be done at home, including dressing comfortably, enjoying a spa day and soaking in a hot tub. Combined, these self-care activities will make your home into a true sanctuary for stressful times. You’ll be surprised at what a difference these seemingly easy things can make to your stress level!

image of 15 ways to make your home a sanctuary

image 1 to 8 of tips to make the house a sanctuary

image of the ten to fifteen of tips to make the house a sanctuary

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