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Relocating to a new house is a significant life event. This process, while exciting, can be overwhelming without proper preparation. Here are ten things you should consider when preparing to move house to ensure a stress-free transition.

Budgeting for a Move: A Closer Look

Moving house often requires a substantial financial outlay. In Australia, where the median gross household income is around $1,734 per week according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, it’s crucial to budget wisely for your move to avoid financial strain. It’s important to remember that your income isn’t the only factor to consider, you also need to take into account your expenses, debts, and financial commitments.

Breaking down the various costs of moving will help ensure that you can afford the move and minimize any financial stress. The cost of professional movers, which can range anywhere from $80 to $120 per hour, is often one of the largest single costs. However, additional expenses such as packing materials, temporary accommodation, utilities setup, cleaning services, and home insurance changes also need to be accounted for.

Keep in mind that unforeseen expenses can and often do arise when moving. You may need to factor in a potential overlap in rent or mortgage payments if you can’t move in immediately, or the cost of storage facilities for your belongings. It’s advisable to set aside an emergency fund to cover these unexpected costs. By carefully considering all potential expenses and planning your budget accordingly, you can ensure a smoother moving process without unnecessary financial burdens.


The timing of your move can greatly influence the cost and the availability of moving services. Certain periods like weekends, end of the month, and summer are busier for moving companies, thus potentially more expensive. Be sure to plan your move well in advance and secure your booking. 


Before packing, conduct a thorough decluttering. Use this opportunity to get rid of unnecessary items by donating, selling, or recycling them. Not only will this reduce the volume of items you’ll move, but it can also provide you with extra funds. 

Packing Supplies

Good quality packing supplies are essential for safeguarding your belongings. Purchase sturdy boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, and markers for labeling. You may also consider specialty boxes for fragile items like electronics, antiques, or artwork. 

Hire Professionals

Consider hiring a professional moving company to simplify the moving process. Look for reputable movers by asking for recommendations and reading online reviews. Make sure to get quotes from several companies to compare prices and services.

Changing Address

Notify your bank, insurance company, subscription services, and any other relevant parties about your upcoming change of address in advance. This step ensures a seamless transition of your mail and services to your new home.


Arrange to disconnect or transfer your utilities including water, electricity, gas, and internet at your current home. Make sure to schedule these services to start at your new residence on or before your move-in day. 

Organizing School Transfers

When moving with children, ensure a smooth transition by researching the school district and educational opportunities in your new location. Start the transfer of your children’s academic records early. This advance preparation will not only ensure they’re enrolled in time but will also help them adjust to their new school. 

Understanding the Local Community

While you prepare to move, invest some time in understanding your new neighborhood. Get to know about local services, shopping centers, recreational facilities, public transportation, and the community culture. This step will not only help you settle in faster but will also create a sense of familiarity and comfort when you move in.

To sum up, moving house can seem like a daunting task, but with ample preparation and consideration of these key aspects, you can ensure a smooth and hassle-free transition. Remember, this is a new chapter in your life; embrace the change and look forward to the new experiences your new home will bring. Best of luck with your move!

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