Preventing fire damage

Preventing Fire Damage To Your Home

Fire is a danger you must take seriously. Most importantly is the fact that someone in your family can be seriously injured or killed in a fire, but even the cost of the fire damage can be extreme if no one suffers physically from the job. Luckily there are many things you can do to prevent fire damage to your home.

Fire Safety Basics

When it comes to fire damage, there are some basic things that everyone should do to keep their home and their family safe. It is crucial to know what items everyone should have in their home to reduce the risk of fire, as well as how to put out a small fire before it becomes a big emergency. It is also recommended to purchase home insurance to be covered in case of fire damage. 

Your first and most important step is to install smoke detectors throughout your home. Smoke detectors do more than prevent damage to your home from fire, they save lives! You should have a smoke detector in multiple places in your home, especially if you have a large home or a home with more than one floor. You should also invest in fire extinguishers to have on hand as well, especially in the kitchen or in areas where flammable materials are stored like the garage or workshed. 

It is also important to note that many everyday cooking ingredients such as sugar, flour, powdered creamer, and cooking oil are flammable and you should use special care when handling them around the stove or open flames. Never pour water on a cooking fire! Should you need to put out a small kitchen fire, smother the flames with a pot or pan lid or use a fire extinguisher. 

You must also be on guard against electrical fires, which are second only to kitchen fires as the main cause of devastating damage. We’ve provided a list of ways you can lower the chances of an electrical fire below:

  • Unplug appliances when not in use
  • Never overcrowd your sockets
  • Check regularly for frayed wires and cables
  • Keep space heaters well away from walls 

Reduce Your Risks

You can reduce your risk of fire if you establish good habits and routines in your home. There is a lot you can do to prevent fire damage and ensure your safety, and most of it involves good common sense. We’ve listed some great options to get you started:

  • Store kitchen items that are likely to catch fire away from heat sources
  • Keep your heating elements and appliances clean 
  • Turn off portable heating units when not in use 
  • Make sure all heat vents, baseboards, and HVAC units in your home receive regular maintenance
  • Keep your large appliances well maintained and check their electrical connections regularly for cracks and faulting wiring
  • Invest in energy-efficient appliances that use less power

Also, DO NOT use your kitchen appliances to heat your home! Gas-powered stoves can develop gas leaks if used improperly and are toxic when inhaled. These gas leaks also cause explosions. Even an electric stove can cause a devastating fire if used to heat your home because they have electrical components that malfunction, causing sparks that lead to a fire. 

Safety Plans Save Lives 

It is important to have a Fire Safety Plan to prepare your household for a situation when a fire has progressed beyond your ability to control it. Plan your safe exit points and routes, as well as a safe place to meet up where you can account for everyone. It’s important to only call the fire department after you are safely out of the building and let them know if anyone may still be inside.

Final Thoughts

Even a small fire can turn into a big problem. Remember to stay safe and follow these steps to prevent fire damage to your home. For those times where fire happens, don’t worry, there are others who are there to help you through this trying time.

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