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Unless you’re familiar with the shipping industry, you might not know what the term project cargo transportation stands for. It’s also known as “heavy lift cargo”, which is a little more descriptive.

Even if you don’t know how road, sea, and even air freight transportation works, it wouldn’t be difficult to imagine what these services entail.

It’s a little different with in this case, as it involves the transportation of heavy-duty, bulky, and generally very complex cargo transportation. This type of shipping requires the services of project cargo freight forwarders and typically takes a lot of time and planning.

What Is Project Cargo?

One of the main differences regarding project cargo is that it requires extensive pre-planning and planning before the cargo can even be moved from location A.

It doesn’t matter if you need to move a rocket ship from one city to another domestically or organize a complex route internationally; it will require logistical expertise knowledge.

Project cargo usually means moving oversized goods with the element of time sensitivity. So, it’s not just about moving a nuclear reactor or a tower, but how to time the shipment perfectly. As a rule, project cargo doesn’t entail any warehousing, so planning every detail is essential.

What Do Project Cargo Services Include?

Not all industries require these services, but there are several that absolutely depend on them. Perhaps the best way to understand what project cargo means is to mention the industries that rely on the expertise of project cargo forwarders.

First, we have oil and gas, as flammable materials are notoriously difficult to transport. Moving them requires a lot of logistics. The same applies to mining and quarrying, power generation, infrastructure projects, and renewable energy fields, such as wind turbines.

By hiring project cargo freight forwarders, businesses belonging to any of these industries benefit from using several important services. To move bulky cargo, you’ll need access to multi-axe heavy haul equipment that’s right for a specific task.

There are also many other specialized services, such as project planning and managing all the necessary permits. And let’s not forget project cargo insurance, which is essential when it comes to moving such sensitive and often hazardous cargo.

Crane services and engineered transport plans are crucial too. Finally, planning custom clearance protocols for international shipment is a vital component of project cargo services.

What Are Some of the Challenges of Project Cargo?

There are many freight forwarding companies with expertise in moving project cargo. Still, not all of them are competitive as there are a few persistent obstacles to consider.

One of which is the cost of transportation. The expanding environmental regulations and changes in the way the industry is run have led to higher costs of shipping project cargo. Increased fuel prices are a notable variable, especially when shipping includes several different modes of transportation.

Another issue regarding heavy equipment cargo is technological advancements. There is always room for improvement, but project cargo shipping lags in specific departments.

A notable example is often inefficient cargo tracking. Finally, customers’ expectations have increased over the years, so the shipping industry, in general, has to keep up with the customer service.

The Importance of Having the Right Freight Forwarding Partner

There are several elements of heavy cargo make everything come together. One of them is cargo design, which represents forming a perfect outline of the project and even predicting unexpected obstacles along the way.

Time and expertise are crucial elements too, but all of that is made possible by choosing the right freight forwarder company. Moving project cargo is virtually impossible without the services a freight forwarder provides.

By utilizing their knowledge, businesses moving their heavy-duty cargo can breathe a little easier All the management and planning is up to them. A successful freight forwarding company has an entire network of shipping partners and can offer flexibility and effortlessness during the whole process.

Project Cargo Made Easier

It would be a stretch to say that everything about this transportation method is straightforward. However, that doesn’t mean it is not incredibly well organized and efficient.

Unless you’re an expert in logistics, moving items such as a satellite or wind turbine internationally might seem like a completely impossible task.

But these shipments happen every day, with the help of freight forwarding companies and shippers. If you’re planning a project cargo operation and need a reliable and trustworthy freight forwarding partner, reach out to GenX Freight.

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