antique furniture while moving

Are you excited to relocate to your new home? Relocating to a new home comes along with both apprehension and excitement. You get a new place to decorate. It is also a stressful experience because you have to pack your belongings and move from your old home to the new one. What about moving your antique furniture? You have priceless antiques that need special consideration. You do not want it to get spoiled. Choosing a reputed moving company in Vaughan is essential so you can relocate without harming your priceless antiques. Some expert tips can help you protect your antique furniture during relocation.

  • It is sensible to go for an antique appraisal to get compensation if anything happens to your antique during transportation. You will get good value under antique protection coverage.
  • Click as many photos as possible from different angles of the furniture.
  • Inspect antique furniture very closely for any weak spots. If you notice any soft boil, then you should instruct the moving team that they should not lift the table from that spot to avoid damaging it.
  • You may remove the dust before the moving company arrives but make sure not to wax it or oil it. A slippery surface will make it more difficult for the moving team to grip the furniture, and it might lead to slip and damage. Moreover, if you oil or wax the furniture, it might leave the impression of the packing material spoiling the aesthetics of the antique.

Keep these pointers in mind when you transport antique furniture so that you do not damage the furniture leaving it to a costly repair.

  • How to talk to professionals? 

Always talk to a reputable moving company regarding specific moving instructions so that you do not damage the furniture during the relocation process. Talk to them about their relocation process and inspect it very closely so that you do not have to regret it later. Most reputed moving companies secure drawers and doors when they pack furniture. Some companies also use padding so that it does not get damaged. Reputable companies do not drag the table; they always lift it from one place to the other without removing it so that it remains intact without any scratches. Good companies know how to handle sturdy antique furniture. They clearly instruct the team not to pull or drag the furniture because it might lead to strain. Pulling or driving the table might even damage the floor.

Reputed companies will always come with a moving plan, and whatever they say will be given to you in writing, so there are no misunderstandings later. It would help if you also talked to them about the moving vehicle to find out how they will transport your valuable furniture. Talk to the moving team regarding where you will be relocating so that you know whether the new place is ready to accommodate your old furniture. Hence it is always advisable to go for reputed and experienced moving companies because they ensure that your valuable furniture gets relocated under maximum protection.

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