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If you or someone you know is in the process of buying a home, you’re most likely working with a lender who will insist that you should find a reliable home inspector to go through the new property and check for anything that is erroneous in the electrical system or foundation of the home you have shown interest in buying. A reliable home inspector will also have conduct a roof inspection, usually by using a ladder along the top to inspect potential signs of deterioration such as bad shingles, busted fireplace, or other issues that may damage the building.

Why does roof inspection matter? When you’re searching for the perfect house for you and your family, it’s best to work with a reliable realtor who most likely knows the location well. That said, they’ll help you find out the year the new roof was put on a house, if any critical repairs have been done at the house and whether the building will pass the inspection for the type of loan you’re looking to obtain.

Whether you get approved for a type of loan will most likely depend on whether the building passes home appraisal and inspection. The roof of your new building will be factored into the building’s whole stability, and while it may lack negative issues, there is always a good chance that a roof may be worn out or too old. Given the costs of installing a new roof, it might not be worth the additional effort and might be something that will convince your lender to reject the building. In short, a roofing service can give you an estimate on roofing repairs, but deciding whether that home you plan to purchase is worth it deserves your full attention.

However, if your budget is tight, and you can’t afford a contractor to come out and inspect your roof, you can safely do it yourself by following these simple tips.

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Look for Curled and Buckled Shingles

The hot air inside your attic, believe it or not, can cause your roof shingles to curl, warp or buckle. Misshapen shingles may compromise the stability of your roof, leading to water leaking and even poor ventilation. If you happen to find a few curled asphalt shingles, those should be replaced immediately. But if more than one-third of the shingles are damaged, it’s then necessary to replace all of your shingles.

Look for Moss, Algae, or Piles of Leaves

A pair of binoculars might prove necessary if you plan on inspecting your roof from the ground. Walk around the building and start checking your roof for algae, moss, piles of leaves, and any type of debris or growths that might affect the structure of your roof. Moss, lichen, algae, and piles of leaves can easily damage your roof.

Contrary to what you might have heard, roofing repair isn’t as complicated as it was a few years back. However, if you plan to buy a new home and avoid additional expenses, you’d better take roof inspection seriously. Even moss can be particularly dangerous as it can collect rainwater. In turn, the moisture will damage the wooden construction underneath your roof, causing mold and deterioration and compromising the entire structure of your roof.

Leaves, moss, algae, or lichen on your roof have to be removed as soon as you’ve found it. You can do this by yourself using a brush or even a moss killer if the infestation is old. If you have your roof replaced, consider investing in moss-resistant shingles as they aren’t as expensive as regular ones and will keep the offending moss away for the lifetime of the roof.

Look for Damaged, Missing or Old Shingles

Damaged or missing asphalt shingles can also cause water leaks. If your roof is made of wooden shingles, make sure you look for any indication of dry rot, either from a ladder or from the ground. Slay, slate or asbestos roofs can also suffer breakage, so take your time to inspect for broken, chipped, cracked, or altogether missing shingles. If you have a metal roof, you should look for signs of rusting, corrosion, pitting, metal seams, or other wear.

If you have asphalt shingles, make sure you look for signs of damage as you clean your gutters. Why? Asphalt shingles contain gravel-like granules that may break free, finding their way into your gutters and clogging them. But if you find any signs of wear in your asphalt shingles, make sure you inspect your roof for missing pieces. They can easily trap moisture, which can seep into the space below your shingles and even into the roof’s structural elements.

Inspect the Roof Up Close

If you succeed in inspecting your roof up close with a ladder, this might be a good moment to look for damage to the flashings around the dormers, chimney and vent pipes. Corroded and damaged flashings will allow water into the roof’s interior construction and can very quickly contribute to rot in the construction of your roof and inside walls.

Investigate Your Attic

One sure way to determine whether your roof’s structure has been compromised is to look from the inside. Take your time to check your rafters and the wooden interior of your roof for any sign of mold, rot, or moisture. Inspecting your rooms for water leakage can help you find damage that may not have been visible on top of your roof, ladder, or ground. If possible, try to inspect the interior of your home during heavy rain as this will show you whether your roof has any leaks or damages.

Your roof is the most important structure of your home. And even if you can’t afford a contractor or someone with experience to inspect your roof at least twice a year, you can cautiously and safely do a roof inspection yourself. That said, even if you’re not a roofing expert these simple tips can help your plan the purchase of your new home based on the quality of its roof.

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