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Roof gutters – one thing that many homeowners pay the least attention to. As they are located outside and out of direct sight, you may tend to ignore their presence. But do you know not cleaning your gutters could result in structural damage to your house? It could do severe damage to your house. And, so could cleaning your gutters on your own.

Yes, you may think that cleaning your gutters is an easy job and that you could do it easily without any knowledge or equipment. However, gutters are widely known for housing pests, mold, snakes, birds, rodents, and other micro-organisms. It happens because they accumulate dust and debris from their surroundings.

Gutters are also subjected to harsh weather, and they may become loose due to heavy winds and rains. It is your responsibility to check their condition regularly and book for an appointment with professionals for roof gutter cleaning service.

Here are times when you should contact professionals for cleaning service:

1. When the Gutters Are High Up

Not all houses have their roof at a reachable height. Some roofs are at a height that’s too risky to climb. In that case, don’t risk doing the cleaning job on your own. You may think that you are saving your money by doing a DIY job, but if anything happens while cleaning, you’d have to deal with injuries for a long time.

2. When There Are Large And Uncontrollable Leaks

Gutters sections are joined to each other, and when those joints get loose there will be large and uncontrollable leaks. If your gutters have those leaks, then it’s time to call professionals.

3. When There Are Rotten Fascia Boards

Fascia boards are mandatory, as they protect gutters from getting loose and falling. If those boards are getting rusty or rotten, then you will have various issues like leaks, structural property damage, etc. If you want your gutters and your house to last, then you must call professionals to handle those fascia boards. They will either repair or replace depending on the extent of the damage.

4. When Gutters Are Too Old

With time, gutters get damaged and lose their usefulness. Even though you may have maintained them well with regular cleaning, there will come a time where you have to replace them. For instance, gutters that were installed 30 years ago must be replaced. And it’s recommended you call professionals to do the job.

5. Where There Are Animals Lurking

Gutters are a haven for many animals like rodents, birds, and reptiles like snakes. If you’re not careful, then you may get seriously injured. Before cleaning gutters, you will have to check for these animals and deal with them first. And experts are the right persons to do it because they have the knowledge and equipment to capture the animals first, and then proceed with the cleaning work.

6. When There Is Too Much Waste

Gutters, if left for too long, collect debris like dried leaves, dust, animal waste, feathers, etc. And when rainwater passes through them, the waste obstructs the flow and the waste becomes wet and sticky. Dealing with such sticky waste can do more damage to your gutters, foundation, and house structure too. So, if there’s too much waste, don’t do the job on your own. Instead, call in professionals for safe and thorough cleaning.

Why Rely On Professionals

Whether you think cleaning gutters is a minor or major task, only pros really know what they are looking at. They can analyze the situation and can estimate the extent of repairs needed. Also, they know the solutions and can restore the former glory to your home by cleaning your gutters thoroughly. They will protect your home from damage. Hence, don’t think hesitate about hiring professionals and book them today for a solid job.

Wrapping Up

Roof gutter cleaning is important as it unblocks the way for water to flow freely down into the drainage pipes. Regular maintenance keeps the gutters clean and increases the value of your home too. It also creates a safe and hygienic atmosphere around your home. Otherwise, wet debris can attract insects like mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, etc. And thinking that you can do the job on your own can sometimes backfire on you. So, don’t hesitate to call on experts in your area.

We hope you found this blog post on Roof Gutter Cleaning – When Should You Consult Professionals? useful. Be sure to check out our post on Roof Gutters – The Dangers of Not Cleaning Your Gutters for more great tips!


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